Medical Genius Chapter 529

 Everyone in the room was confused, and Wang Lian also froze.

                Xiao Wu said urgently, "Uncle Wang, you ...... what are you doing?"

                Wang Chenggong turned around and slapped Xiao Wu in the face again, angrily said, "You get out of here!"

                "Just downstairs, I gave you face, you really think I am afraid of you?"

                "You don't even look at your dead face, what kind of thing is it!"

                "If you don't leave, I'll kill you!"

                Wang Lian hurriedly ran over: "Brother Wu, how are you ......"

                Wang Chenggong grabbed Wang Lian's arm and said angrily: "Drag her back to the room!"

                "Lock the door for me this time!"

                "Leave the window open, she wants to jump, let her jump!"

                "Damn it, I'll pretend I don't have this daughter!"

                Wang Lian's two brothers looked at each other and ran over and dragged the crying Wang Lian towards the room.

                The mother rushed over: "What are you doing?"

                "Let go of her! ......"

                Wang Chenggong slapped his wife's face again: "You too, get lost!"

                "You say one more word for her, you also jumped down with her."

                Her mother was knocked to the ground, and Wang Ling hurriedly helped her mother up, "Mom, just don't argue."

                "Dad this is also for Lian Lian's own good ......"

                Just at this time, Lin Mo happened to walk in from the door.

                Seeing the situation in the house, his face was suddenly cold.

                "You two, let go of the person!"

                Lin Mo shouted in a deep voice.

                Wang Chenggong was furious when he saw Lin Mo, and raised his foot and kicked over: "What the fuck are you!"

                "I just put up with you for half a day, and you dare to come to my house, I'll kill you son of a bitch!"

                Lin Mo dodged and avoided, grabbed Wang Cheng Cheng Dao's collar and threw him directly onto the sofa.

                As soon as the Wang Chang brothers saw their father being beaten, they were immediately annoyed and pounced on him with a roar.

                Lin Mo is not so polite to the two of them, one person a foot, the two of them all kicked to the ground.

                The three men in the house were all knocked down, and everyone was stunned.

                Wang Chenggong was furious: "You ...... you dare to hit us?"

                "I tell you, you do not want to leave today!"

                "Call for someone, call for someone quickly!"

                Wang Ling aggressively took out her cell phone, "Hey, husband!"

                "Quickly bring someone to my house, someone wants to kill us!"

                Lin Mo didn't stop at all, he looked at Wang Chenggong with cold eyes: "Old immortal, I just put up with you for half a day too."

                "What are you!"

                "A tiger's poison does not eat its children, do you have any humanity left!"

                "You have forced your own daughter to jump off a building, and you still don't know how to repent."

                "In order to be promoted, you can do anything, are you a human being?"

                Wang Chenggong's face was swollen red and he roared, "This is my family matter, it's none of your business!"

                Lin Mo shouted angrily, "Your family affairs, I am not in charge."

                "But Xiao Wu is my brother, so I have to take care of his affairs."

                "Did you just slap my brother twice?"

                "This account, how do you want to settle it?"

                Wang Chenggong froze for a moment, then said angrily: "You also hit me, you also hit my son!"

                "And how will this account be settled?"

                Lin Mo sneered, "What are you, can you compare with my brother?"

                Wang Chang was furious: "Kid, don't be arrogant here."

                "When my brother-in-law comes later, I'll see if you still dare to be so foolish."

                "Damn, when he comes, I'll break your legs first, then I'll settle the score with you slowly!"

                Lin Mo sneered: "Your brother-in-law won't come!"

                Wang Ling was immediately annoyed: "Nonsense!"

                "I just finished calling my husband, he's coming here!"

                "Do you know who my husband is?"

                "I'm telling you, my husband's name is Guangzi, no one in this area doesn't know him!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "I don't need to know who your husband is."

                "Anyway, I said, he can't come!"

                "Let's just discuss our business first!"