Medical Genius Chapter 528

 Wang Chenggong's words came out, which immediately led to the commotion of the surrounding crowd.

                "Old Wang ah, how can you talk like this? That is your daughter after all!"

                "Your own child, how can you curse her to death? What can't be discussed?"

                "This is your daughter's life saver, and this is how you talk to people?"

                "This kind of person still wants to be the deputy factory manager? I'm the first to disagree!"

                "I also do not agree, he wants to become deputy director, I will go to the factory to make trouble!"

                "I also go to ......"

                The crowd coaxing, is really not used to see what Wang Chenggong did.

                Wang Chenggong face swollen red, now is his promotion to deputy director of the critical moment.

                If because of this matter, resulting in his promotion failure, it is really not worth.

                He glared viciously at Lin Mo and said through clenched teeth, "OK, Xiao Wu, since you want to marry my daughter, then let's go home and discuss it!"

                "I'm not an unenlightened person, but this marriage thing, it can't be so hasty!"

                Xiao Wu breathed a sigh of relief and nodded his head: "Thank you, Uncle Wang, thank you, Uncle Wang."

                Wang Chenggong also did not say anything, gritted his teeth and went upstairs, Xiao Wu followed closely behind.

                Lin Mo walked at the end, he clasped his fist towards the surrounding people and smiled, "Thank you all for helping to speak."

                "This time, I must let Xiao Wu marry Lian Lian."

                "Tomorrow there will be a wedding banquet, so if you all are okay, please go over and have a thin glass of wine."

                The crowd laughed, and an old man said loudly, "Young man, I grew up watching Xiao Wu."

                "He and Lian Lian, that's a real match."

                "If they can get married, this wine, I have to go to drink ah!"

                The others also nodded their heads, Xiao Wu's parents are known for being good people, and they are quite well liked in this area. This is also the reason why people are willing to help him speak.

                Lin Mo nodded with a smile and followed him upstairs.

                Inside the house, Wang Lian and her mother were sitting on the sofa with tears in their eyes.

                Wang Ling and her two brothers were standing next to each other, strictly preventing the two from running outside.

                "I'm telling you, you die this heart!"

                "Your marriage with that trash is impossible!"

                "You give up this idea and go marry the son of factory director Zhao in peace."

                "If you dare to take one more step outside, I'll break your dog's legs!"

                The one who spoke was Wang Lian's elder brother Wang Chang, who had a fierce face and a face of anger.

                Wang Lian's mother was annoyed: "Ah boss, how can you talk like that?"

                "She is your sister!"

                Wang Chang said angrily, "Mom, what's wrong with me?"

                "I'm not doing this for her own good ......"

                Wang Lian's mother interrupted him directly, "Who are you doing it for the good of?"

                "Do you think I don't know?"

                "Factory manager Zhao promised you that as long as Lianlian married his stupid son, he would let you and the second daughter-in-law also work in the factory."

                "What the hell are you two thinking, do you really think I don't know?"

                Wang Chang and his brother suddenly looked embarrassed, the reason why they were so nervous about this matter was indeed because of this.

                Wang Ling came over, "Mom, I don't have any relationship with factory manager Zhao, let me say a fair word."

                "Who does this woman marry, isn't it all the same thing?"

                "The most critical thing is how is life after marriage."

                "Zhao's son is stupid, but Zhao's family is not poor."

                "Lian Lian married there, a lifetime of good food and spicy drinks, how good."

                "But what about marrying that loser? When the time comes, our family may even have to subsidize his family, so why bother?"

                Mother: "Lingling, marrying someone is a lifelong thing."

                "Without feelings, even if you are rich, what's the use?"

                "What's more, that's still a fool!"

                Wang Ling looked defiant: "People live their whole life, isn't it just for money?"

                The mother sighed in frustration, she really could not convince her daughter.

                Just then, Wang Chenggong walked in with Xiao Wu.

                Just entering the door, he jumped straight up and slapped Wang Lian on the face.

                "How dare you jump off the building?"

                "Come, come, come, you jump again for me now!"

                "No one is allowed to pull her this time!"

                "Let her die for me!"