Medical Genius Chapter 525

 A few people at the door immediately ran in.

                Xiao Wu's face changed, also hurriedly followed and ran in.

                The crowd rushed into one of the bedrooms, only to see a woman standing at the window, exclaimed: "Lian Lian, you quickly come up, you do not scare me ah ......"

                Xiao Wu rushed to the window, only to see that the window guard had been broken.

                A cloth was tied to the top of the window guard, which was torn off from the bed sheet.

                Look down, there is a woman is grabbing this cloth attached to the rope to climb down.

                And this woman is no one else, it is Wang Lian!

                After a look, Xiao Wu almost did not faint.

                This is the ninth floor ah!

                "Lian Lian!"

                "You come up, you do not do something stupid!"

                Wang Lian's father, Wang Chenggong, also ran over and shouted nervously.

                Wang Lian did not answer, hands clutching the rope, sweating profusely, still climbing down.

                After all, she is a girl, not so strong, I can see that she can not hold on.

                She has just reached the fifth floor, if something goes wrong, it is a life-threatening ah.

                Several people in the house are anxious, but there is nothing they can do.

                Wang Lian mother anxiously cried: "I ...... I told you guys not to do it ......"

                "You have to lock her in the house, but now, this ...... what can be done?"

                "Lian Lian if anything happens to her, I ...... how can I live ......"

                Wang Chenggong's face was blue and he said angrily, "You say less!"

                "Quickly find a way to save the child ah!"

                "You guys ...... you are still standing around doing?"

                "Quickly take the quilt, go down to pick up people ah!"

                Wang Lian two brothers hurriedly took the quilt downstairs.

                Xiao Wu ran to the window and said urgently, "Lian Lian, you ...... don't do anything stupid. ......"

                Wang Lian finally raised her head, she saw Xiao Wu, a glimmer of joy in her eyes.

                "Fifth brother, I ...... I'm going home with you, I want to marry you ......"

                A sentence, so that Xiao Wu forced a long time to hold back the tears finally came out of the eyes.

                All his pretended strength was completely shattered by this one gentle word.

                The cloth above suddenly snapped, and Wang Lian's entire body fell straight downward.

                "Lian Lian!"

                Xiao Wu screamed, and directly fell limp to the ground.

                Lin Mo's face changed, but now it was too late to do anything.

                Seeing Wang Lian fell, but, when it fell to the third floor, it was hung by a guard window sticking out of the clothes, finally did not fall down.

                The people inside the house were almost paralyzed with fear.

                "What to do? What to do?"

                "Who can save my daughter!"

                Wang Lian's mother sat on the floor and cried out.

                Xiao Wu was holding the wall, he was panicking and had no idea what to do.

                At this moment, Lin Mo suddenly ran to the next room, grabbed a few sheets and ran over.

                He quickly tore these sheets into long strips and tied them tightly together.

                Then, he tied one end to the window guard, the other end tied to his waist.

                Taking a deep breath, Lin Mo jumped straight out of the window.

                He grabbed the sheet, stepped on the wall with both feet and quickly ran down.

                In the midst of the people's shocked gaze, Lin Mo arrived at Wang Lian's side.

                He grabbed the window guard and pulled it with both hands, tearing off the sheet above.

                He grabbed the remaining sheet and quickly tied the window guard, then, pulled the sheet off his waist and tied it to Wang Lian's body.

                "Sister-in-law, don't be afraid, I'll send you down."

                Lin Mo let out a low bellow and slowly sent Wang Lian to the ground.

                The moment Wang Lian landed on the ground, everyone breathed a long sigh of relief, and Xiao Wu directly cried out.

                Wang Lian's mother, even hugged the window and cried: "Benefactor na, benefactor na, thank you, you saved my daughter, you saved my daughter ah ......"

                Lin Mo grabbed the remaining half of the bed sheet and easily landed on the ground.

                In this instant, thunderous applause erupted all around.

                The people who were just watching nearby, all were shocked by Lin Mo's behavior, but also from the bottom of their hearts to show their respect!