Medical Genius Chapter 524

Little five anxious: "Big brother, this ...... this we have said before ah."

                "You all agreed at that time ah."

                "How ...... did we change our mind now?"

                At this time, another woman turned behind the door: "What do you waste words with him ah?"

                "Little five, you came at the right time, and save us a trip."

                "You go back, tomorrow this marriage, no more!"

                This woman is Wang Lian's sister Wang Ling.

                Xiao Wu's face changed sharply: "Why ah?"

                "All ...... are said, my family is all set up, why not to tie the knot?"

                Wang Ling sneered: "You still ask why?"

                "Do you have to make a fool of yourself to do so?"

                Xiao Wu turned blue and gritted his teeth, "Even if I don't get married, I ...... I still want to know why."

                "You tell Lian Lian to come out, I ...... I'll ask her personally!"

                Wang Ling waved her hand: "You don't need to ask her, this is the result of our family discussion."

                "You want to know why? Can!"

                "Let me tell you this, we are two sisters."

                "When I got married, my husband opened his Porsche to pick me up, with a clear Mercedes in the back."

                "What was your head car? And what was the car behind you?"

                Xiao Wu was stunned, he was looking for a BMW. As a result, his cousin gave a loan Passat over, he could not even take ah.

                Wang Ling sneered and said, "Also, when I got married, my husband brought over a bride price of 300,000."

                "What about you? From the beginning to now, you have sent home a gift of more than a thousand dollars, what else did you take?"

                "When I got married, my husband chartered the whole Tianyue Hotel and invited more than a hundred tables."

                "And you? In their own homes, looking for a few rural women to do a running banquet, there is no place to sit, but also invited guests?"

                "After I got married, I lived in my husband's family's small villa."

                "What about you? Lian Lian married and lived in that rural dilapidated house your family rented?"

                "My husband is the son of the village chief, now contracting projects, how not to earn a few million a year."

                "And you? Two medicine jars at home, depending on your father in the construction site to move bricks to buy medicine. Not to mention subsidizing the family, my sister still has to work to support you!"

                "My father is the workshop director of the factory, soon to be promoted to deputy director."

                "His two daughters, one married so well, one married so poorly."

                "If this gets out, won't it make my father lose face?"

                Wang Ling's every word was like an awl that pierced Xiao Wu's heart.

                Xiao Wu clenched his teeth, hands clenched, ten nails dug into the flesh.

                After a long silence, he slowly nodded: "Understood."

                "I understand."

                "Sorry for the disturbance!"

                Wang Ling sneered, "Count on you to have some self-awareness."

                "I'm not afraid to tell you, my father and their deputy factory director's son has taken a fancy to my sister."

                "This marriage, not only the right family, but also, it will help my father's future."

                "Little five, what is your own situation, you know in your own heart."

                "Just live your life quietly by yourself, don't drag others down."

                Xiao Wu did not say anything, turned around and left in silence.

                Lin Mo pulled him back and said softly: "Xiao Wu, you at least ask your fiancĂ©e's opinion, right?"

                "Marriage is the most important thing, the parties involved!"

                "It doesn't matter what other people say, the most crucial thing is her attitude towards you!"

                Xiao Wu's eyes were filled with tears, he slowly shook his head: "No need."

                "Linzi, she's right."

                "I'm like this, and then marry Lian Lian, is to drag her down."

                "I ...... I can't be so selfish. ......"

                Lin Mo: "But you haven't even met her, how do you know, what's really in her heart?"

                "You at least ......"

                The words did not finish, the house suddenly came a cry of alarm: "Lian Lian, what are you doing?"