Medical Genius Chapter 523

 Almost ten o'clock, the side of things are all taken care of, Xiao Wu will pack up a little, straight to his fiancée's house.

                Today, Xiao Wu's family is mainly to set up the wedding site, the fiancée's side of the family will invite guests.

                Lin Mo followed Xiao Wu to go over, once there is something, he can also follow to help.

                Xiao Wu they used to live in the factory assigned house, at that time and his fiancée is a neighbor, the two families have a good relationship.

                Later, Xiao Wu's mother fell ill, his father was also dismissed from the factory, moved out of the factory-assigned house, living in the suburbs.

                On the way, Lin Mo learned about Xiao Wu his fiancée's situation.

                Fiancee named Wang Lian, the family has two brothers and a sister.

                Previously, their family's conditions were very poor, at that time, Xiao Wu's parents only need to support their parents a child, so the family is relatively generous.

                Xiao Wu's parents are more generous people, often help Wang Lian's family, so the two families have a very good relationship.

                Later, Xiao Wu's parents lost their jobs, Wang Lian's father Wang Chenggong was promoted and became a workshop director step by step.

                Now, Wang Chenggong is also considered the factory's red man.

                Even live in the house, also from the previous two-bedroom, changed to the current four-bedroom.

                Two sons have joined the factory one after another, and they were arranged well.

                Wang Chenggong now in this area, is also considered a relatively prestigious people.

                Wang Lian's sister married the year before last, married the son of a nearby village chief, when the scene was done beautifully.

                There are many people to Wang Lian proposed marriage, but Wang Lian refused.

                Although Xiao Wu did not explicitly say, but Lin Mo can hear.

                This marriage, the Wang family, only Wang Lian agreed.

                As for Wang Lian's parents, her two brothers, and sister, and even her brother-in-law, did not agree to the marriage.

                After all, Xiao Wu's family is now down and out.

                Moreover, Xiao Wu's body has become such a state that he can't do heavy work for the rest of his life.

                Wang Lian married over, it is certainly to suffer poverty ah.

                I can see that Xiao Wu heart to Wang Lian is both grateful and guilty.

                Grateful for Wang Lian's unfailing love for himself, the guilt is that he could not give her a good life.

                When they arrived at Wang's house, the expected lively scene did not appear.

                On the contrary, this side is quiet, not the slightest look to marry the daughter.

                I went upstairs and knocked on the door, and only after several times did the door open.

                A blue-faced man stood in the doorway and glanced at Xiao Wu: "What are you doing here?"

                Xiao Wu hurriedly smiled with him, "Big brother, my house is set up."

                "I came over to see what there is to help here, I also help to help."

                This man is Wang Lian's elder brother, he glanced at Xiao Wu with contempt: "What kind of help?"

                "With this body, you are no different from a disability, what can you do to help?"

                Xiao Wu looked embarrassed and still smiled: "Brother, I can't help with heavy work, but I can still do light work."

                "If there is anything, you can just tell me."

                Brother Wang Lian waved his hand disdainfully: "Come on, don't talk so useless."

                "My family has nothing to do today, and do not need any help, you go back!"

                Xiao Wu's face changed: "Big brother, tomorrow ...... tomorrow Lian Lian and I will get married."

                "Today, shouldn't it be your house to set up a banquet? How can it be okay ah?"

                Big Brother Wang Lian sneered, "Married tomorrow?"

                "Who agreed to it?"

                "Who agreed?"

                "Who wants to get married to you?"

                Xiao Wu froze: "This ...... this is not a deal?"

                "Tomorrow, Lian Lian will marry over ah!"

                Wang Lian brother snickered: "Who did you talk to?"

                "Did you talk to me? Or did you talk to my parents? Or did you tell our family?"

                "You told my little sister, that doesn't count."