Medical Genius Chapter 522

 Lin Mo naturally could see what these people had in mind, and really, he didn't have a good feeling about these people.

                However, as a doctor, the basic professional ethics were still there.

                "No problem to see you."

                Lin Mo said back.

                Uncle Fan couldn't help but stare, even look like this? Then in this case of his wife, he still had to wait three days later?

                The crowd was overjoyed and immediately all gathered around.

                Lin Mo calmly took over: "However, I have just said."

                "Today, I will only see Little Wuniang and Uncle Fan's wife."

                "So, today I won't make a consultation."

                "If you want to see a doctor, you can go to the hospital and find me, just hang up my number."

                These people were confused, this still has to go to the hospital?

                Uncle Fan, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief, Lin Mo still does things fairly well.

                "Mr. Lin, you ...... you now help me to look at it briefly."

                "It's just a matter of a few words, why ...... why go to the hospital ah ......"

                The man whispered.

                Others have followed and nodded their heads.

                Uncle Fan was immediately annoyed: "All get out of the way!"

                "Don't give shame!"

                "For those words you just mocked Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin agreed to help you look at it, and it's already a bodhisattva's heart."

                "You guys are still getting ahead of yourselves?"

                The crowd couldn't help but all be embarrassed, and didn't dare to say anything else, they could only silently disperse.

                However, the eyes of these people looking at Binzi were full of anger.

                Just now, if it wasn't for Binzi, how could they have gone to mock Lin Mo.

                In the crowd's view, it was because of Binzi that they couldn't seek medical treatment today, and all of them carried their grievances in their hearts.

                Xiao Wu's father accompanied Lin Mo, several times wanting to say something and then stop.

                Midway, when Lin Mo went into the inner room to help Xiao Wu move his things, Xiao Wu's father followed him and said in a low voice: "Lin Mo, that, you ...... can you help Xiao Wu take a look?"

                "As you can see, Xiao Wu's health is not very good right now."

                "We have looked for many doctors, but they can't see well."

                "The family also has no money, Xiao Wu ...... Xiao Wu this disease has been delayed."

                "Lin Mo, Xiao Wu is thin-skinned, he is embarrassed to beg you, you ...... can you help him ......"

                Saying that, Xiao Wu's father's eyes are red.

                He is an honest man, seeing his son like this, his heart is really hard to feel.

                Lin Mo said, "Uncle, you don't even need to say these words to me."

                "Little Five is like my own brother, his business is my business."

                "It's not that I won't help him see, it's just that today is not the right day."

                Xiao Wu's father breathed a sigh of relief, and then said curiously, "Why is it not suitable?"

                Lin Mo smiled and said softly, "Uncle, let's talk about it after tomorrow."

                "Also, I have to tell you, Xiao Wu is not sick."

                Xiao Wu's father was surprised: "Not sick?"

                "No way? His body is like this, he ...... he's not sick?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, his face turned slightly cold: "Xiao Wu's internal organs are all injured, this is definitely not caused by illness, but seems to be the result of an external impact."

                Xiao Wu's father's eyes widened: "What?"

                "External impact?"

                "You mean, he ...... he was hit by something?"

                "This kid, it can't be that there was some accident at the construction site and he ...... he didn't dare to tell us, right?"

                Lin Mo shook his head: "It's not like an accident at the construction site."

                "I think, he seems to have been beaten like this!"

                Xiao Wu's father was confused: "Beaten ...... beaten?"

                "Who hit ah?"

                "How could this happen ah?"

                "Little five this child is very honest, he ...... how would he go out and fight with someone?"

                "Lin Mo, did you make a mistake?"

                "Xiao Wu he won't fight!"

                Lin Mo said softly, "I also hope I'm mistaken."

                "But, I shouldn't be wrong."

                "However, uncle, don't worry, I can definitely help Little Five get cured."

                "Moreover, I will definitely not let go, the one who injured Little Five!"