Medical Genius Chapter 521

 Professional team to help, which set up the scene is much easier.

                Less than an hour's time, the scene was set up.

                Moreover, the arrangement was extremely beautiful, much better than what Xiao Wu and the others had prepared before.

                Uncle Fan's son came over wiping his sweat: "Mr. Lin, Xiao Wu, what do you think?"

                "If there is anything unsatisfactory, you guys just say, I'll let them rectify it now!"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, just looked at Xiao Wu.

                Xiao Wu was flattered and said repeatedly, "Satisfied, satisfied, very satisfied."

                "Brother Ming, thank you, really thank you!"

                Uncle Fan's son's name is Fan Ming, he quickly waved his hand, "Aiya, all of us are our own people, what to say thank you."

                "Okay, if you feel satisfied, then I'll let them go back first ah."

                "They have a wedding site over there, half set up, not finished yet."

                Xiao Wu's eyes widened: "Huh?"

                "They ...... they have other work, huh?"

                "Then let them come over, this is not delaying them other things!"

                Fan Ming laughed: "Aiya, these are my friends, there's nothing going on."

                "Your side of things is important, so I'll let them drop their work there and come over first."

                "The most important thing is not to delay your side."

                Xiao Wu was even more grateful, thanking him repeatedly.

                Lin Mo also slowly nodded his head, this Fan Ming is doing a good job, and the tiger has a fight.

                Fan Ming greeted those people left, Xiao Wu went into the house and called his mother out.

                Xiao Wu's mother was walking with a limp and needed help.

                Now out, walking with a normal person is no different, but also, the speed is not slow, so the surrounding people are stunned.

                Uncle Fan was even more wide-eyed, his wife's condition, much less than Xiao Wu's mother.

                In that case, wouldn't his wife be able to return to normal?

                Xiao Wu's parents turned around outside and were also excited to see.

                As parents, who does not want their children's wedding to be beautiful.

                They are really no money, there is no way, only everything is simple.

                Now, Fan Ming made this set, is very luxurious, far beyond their imagination.

                Xiao Wu's parents thanked Fan Ming again and again.

                Fan Ming politely replied, talking and doing, are quite in place.

                After the outside was finished, everyone sat down in the house to drink tea and chat.

                At this moment, a man quietly came behind Lin Mo.

                "That, Mr. Lin, can I ask you something?"

                Lin Mo glanced at the man, this was the man who had just said that he was vain.

                When the crowd mocked Lin Mo just now, he was also the one who spoke the loudest.

                Lin Mo frowned slightly: "What do you want?"

                The man looked embarrassed: "It's like this, I ...... I have bad lungs, for more than ten years, I have been having trouble breathing."

                "That, you ...... can you help me take a look?"

                Hearing this, Uncle Fan was the first to frown.

                Just now when mocking Lin Mo, you screamed the loudest.

                Now at this time, you are running to Lin Mo for medical help, how can there be such a good thing?

                "Get the hell out of the way!"

                "How did you speak just now?"

                "You also said that Mr. Lin is vain and bragging!"

                "Didn't you not believe that Mr. Lin is a doctor? Now you've come to seek medical help, do you still want to have a face?"

                Uncle Fan said angrily.

                The man was full of embarrassment and whispered, "I ...... I really don't know ah ......"

                "It was Binzi who said that he didn't even graduate from vocational school, which ...... me how could I know that he was so skilled in medicine."

                "Mr. Lin, the doctor's heart, you ...... you just help me ......"

                At this moment, there were also many people around looking at Lin Mo.

                These people were all those who had just followed and mocked Lin Mo, and after they had seen Lin Mo's medical skills, they all wanted to seek medical help from Lin Mo.

                However, thinking about what they just said, they were all too embarrassed to ask.

                Now they are all staring at Lin Mo, as long as Lin Mo gives this man medical treatment, then they all want to come and seek medical treatment.