Medical Genius Chapter 519

 Everyone looked at Little Mother Five with wide eyes, and one of them said sharply, "Little Mother Five, is what you say true or false?"

                "You're not faint in the head?"

                "That's impossible?"

                "The doctor said at the time that the bruises in your brain hadn't even been completely removed, and that you could fall into a coma at any time."

                "Did you ...... you feel wrong?"

                Xiao Wu's mother waved her hand, "Not at all, I feel so comfortable now."

                "My brain is not foggy and my thoughts are particularly clear."

                "Gee, this feels so good."

                The crowd was shocked and Xiao Wu was surprised, "Lin Mo, what's going on here?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "I used acupuncture to first direct her bruised blood here."

                "Then, pierce the epidermis and let this blood flow out, so of course, she won't get dizzy anymore."

                Everyone exclaimed almost simultaneously, "How is this possible?"

                Xiao Wu also stared in disbelief, "And ...... it can still be like this?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, he didn't answer.

                This process seemed simple, but in fact, it was very complicated.

                He had to first block the other blood vessels of Xiao Wu's mother with silver needles, leaving the one that needed to be unblocked.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that he had to use his inner strength to push out the blocked blood, which was something that modern medicine simply could not do.

                Therefore, being able to treat Xiao Wu's mother was not just due to acupuncture, but also Lin Mo's internal force of the Creation Skill.

                It didn't take long for Lin Mo to pull the silver needles off.

                Xiao Wu's mother sat up straight away, jumped to the ground and walked back and forth several times.

                Before, she was limping, but now she was walking like a normal person.

                The crowd around her looked dumbfounded and exclaimed in amazement.

                Uncle Fan had a shocked look on his face: "A miracle doctor! A miracle doctor! This is a miracle doctor!"

                Uncle Fan's son's eyes were almost glazed over, he now knew what kind of heavenly existence this was.

                Uncle Fan's son hurriedly said, "Director Lin, now ...... now it's my mother's turn, right?"

                Lin Mo ignored him and calmly said, "I have to heal Xiao Wu's mother first."

                Uncle Fan's son nodded his head repeatedly, "I should, I should."

                "It's alright, Director Lin, let's wait for a moment."

                Lin Mo said slowly, "That's not a little bit of a wait."

                "Xiao Wu's mother's condition is rather complicated, I guess I can only treat her alone today."

                Uncle Fan's son was dumbfounded, "Huh?"

                "Is it going to ...... take this long?"

                Lin Mo spread his hands: "When I came just now, I said it all ah."

                "Your mother's illness is very simple, I will be able to cure it soon."

                "Originally, I wanted to cure her first before I cured Little Five's mother."

                "But you insisted that I cure Xiao Wu's mother first."

                "My side of the sickness has not yet been cured, so of course I can't cure you!"

                Hearing these words, Uncle Fan's son was almost on the verge of vomiting blood.

                He finally knew exactly what kind of opportunity he had missed.

                Moreover, he also understood that Lin Mo was deliberately making things difficult for them.

                However, there was nothing he could do about it at all now.

                Lin Mo's medical skills were here, and they could only beg Lin Mo.

                If they were to blame, they could only blame themselves for looking down on others.

                Uncle Fan glared angrily at his son, "Defeatist thing!"

                "You're not good enough to be a success!"

                "I've told you that Director Lin is a miracle doctor, but you just don't believe me."

                "You ...... still don't apologize to Director Lin quickly!"

                Uncle Fan's son was also very filial and immediately said, "Director Lin, just now it was my dog's eyes that were unaware of the mountain."

                "A thousand mistakes, it's all my fault."

                "You are magnanimous, give me a chance."

                "This illness of my mother's is really too unbearable, can you ...... take a look at it for her?"

                Lin Mo glanced at him and said softly, "For the sake of your filial piety, this is not impossible."

                "In three days, go to the hospital and look for me."

                Uncle Fan's son breathed a long sigh of relief and hurriedly said, "Thank you, Director Lin, thank you, Director Lin!"