Medical Genius Chapter 518

 Uncle Fan was annoyed, "What do you know?"

                "I absolutely trust Director Lin!"

                Uncle Fan's son was also adamant: "Dad, I just can't trust this man!"

                "Nowadays it's all modern treatment, all Western medicine, how can anyone still use acupuncture?"

                "This is about Mom's health, I can't just let you do whatever you want!"

                Uncle Fan was annoyed: "You ......"

                Binzi hurriedly said, "Uncle Fan, brother, how about this?"

                "Let my third aunt try it first and see how it works?"

                "If this kid is not capable, then we won't let him treat auntie."

                "If it works, let Auntie treat again, won't that be fine?"

                The crowd around them all listened to this with some contempt.

                This Binzi, he was really a bastard son of a bitch.

                In order to curry favour with Uncle Fan's family, he had gone so far as to let his own third aunt take the risk.

                It was disgraceful that he could even say such things.

                Uncle Fan frowned, he had complete trust in Lin Mo.

                However, his son's insistence left him no choice.

                "Director Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "This bastard son of mine is really not like that."

                "I can't argue with him either!"

                "How about you give Little Wuniang a look first?"

                Uncle Fan said awkwardly.

                Lin Mo nodded calmly, he could see how distrustful Uncle Fan's son was of himself.

                He turned to Xiao Wu's mother, "Auntie, let me treat you first."

                Xiao Wu's mother was dry and immediately walked over, "Okay."

                "Lin Mo, I've put you through a lot."

                Lin Mo was just about to do something when Binzi suddenly said, "Everyone watch out."

                "My third aunt is fine now."

                "If there's anything wrong later, everyone give a testimony, lest this kid denies it."

                The crowd nodded their heads.

                Xiao Wu's mother said helplessly, "Binzi, what are you talking about?"

                "Lin Mo is helping me, you ...... how can you do this to him?"

                "Lin Mo, don't be angry, I've made you suffer!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Auntie, you don't have to be polite to me."

                "Alright, you lie down first, don't talk."

                Xiao Wu's mother closed her eyes, Lin Mo took out seven silver needles, paused slightly for a moment, then suddenly his hands were like flying, stabbing all seven of them on Xiao Wu's mother's body.

                All the people around were dumbfounded, seven silver needles, Lin Mo stabbed them in almost in a breath.

                The speed was so fast that the crowd was simply unable to react.

                Let's not talk about whether or not he could cure the disease, this skill alone was enough to make people marvel.

                These seven silver needles pierced Xiao Wu's mother's face, and the crowd could only see that Xiao Wu's mother's face was swollen and red, as if all the blood in her body was concentrated in her head.

                At this moment, Lin Mo took out the thickest silver needle inside and gently stabbed it in Xiao Wu's mother's nose.

                Instantly, blood gushed out of Xiao Wu's mother's nose and flowed a lot.

                Xiao Wu and his father were both stunned and said urgently, "How did this ...... nosebleed?"

                Binzi, on the other hand, took the opportunity to shout, "Yo, Lin Mo, what did you do to my third aunt?"

                "This bleeding is not stopping, what kind of bullshit medical skill is this?"

                "This is the first time I've heard of acupuncture bleeding, you really are a charlatan!"

                "Call the police, call the police to catch this son of a bitch!"

                Uncle Fan was shocked, while his son looked as if he was taking things for granted.

                "Dad, see."

                "I told you, this acupuncture, which belongs to the superstitions of the past, is all a complete fraud."

                "How can acupuncture cure a disease?"

                Uncle Fan's son bristled.

                Uncle Fan was dumbfounded: "It can't be?"

                "Director Lin's medical skills are very advanced, ah, what's going on with this ......?"

                Just as the crowd was in a panic, Xiao Wu's mother suddenly waved her hand, "Don't ...... be anxious, I'm fine, I'm fine."

                "Ouch, how do I feel, my head is not faint at all."

                Xiao Wu's eyes widened, ever since her mother had suffered a brain haemorrhage, she had been saying that her head was faint.

                Now, surprisingly, it wasn't faint anymore?