Medical Genius Chapter 517

 Lin Mo said calmly, "Why should I lie about such things?"

                "If I say it can be cured, it can definitely be cured."

                Binzi looked unconvinced, "Hmph, there's no proof in empty words, of course you're just saying that."

                "Didn't you just say that if you had silver needles, you would be able to cure it directly, didn't you?"

                Lin Mo nodded his head.

                Binzi immediately said, "Alright then, wait, I'll go find a set of silver needles for you now."

                "In a moment, you will treat them in front of everyone."

                "Lin Mo, let me be clear."

                "If you can't cure them, you'll admit to yourself that you're a charlatan, do you hear me?"

                Xiao Wu panicked a little and hurriedly said, "Binzi, you ...... what are you doing?"

                "This kind of treatment, that has to accumulate slowly to see the effect, which ...... how can you see the effect on the spot ......"

                Binzi sneered, "He just said something divine, of course he has to take responsibility for what he said."

                "Lin Mo, I'll ask you, do you dare to treat directly here?"

                "Everyone is watching, if you don't dare, just say that you are a liar."

                "Everyone is not stupid, you can fool Uncle Fan, but not everyone!"

                The crowd also followed suit, it was obvious that they all held a skeptical attitude towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo gave Binzi a deep look and said softly, "Treating here, that's definitely not a problem."

                "However, my words are also said up front."

                "Today, I will only treat these two people."

                "After curing these two people, no one else, can bother me again!"

                "If everyone agrees, then I will agree to your request."

                "If you don't agree, then forget it!"

                Binzi laughed loudly, "Lin Mo, do you really think you're a god doctor? Everyone wants to beg you for a cure?"

                "What's there not to agree to?"

                "I'm telling you, on behalf of everyone, I agree to your request."

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, "Very well."

                "Then you go and find the silver needle."

                Binzi sneered, "You really don't see the coffin!"

                "Fine, I'll let you lose face here today!"

                Binzi ran out, and before long, he really came back with a pack of silver needles.

                And at that moment, Uncle Fan also came over with his wife.

                "Director Lin, take a look at my wife, this illness of hers, can it still be cured?"

                Uncle Fan asked nervously.

                Lin Mo took one look and smiled, "This illness of your wife, it's too simple."

                "How about this, I will first give your wife the needle."

                Uncle Fan was overjoyed, "Really?"

                "Director Lin, then thank you so much!"

                Uncle Fan hurriedly brought his wife over.

                At this moment, his son, on the other hand, had a worried look on his face, "Dad, is this ...... going to work?"

                "We've been to so many hospitals and they all say this condition of my mum can only be controlled."

                "This person, not even reading my mum's medical records and ...... using this acupuncture method, this can't be a scam, right?"

                Uncle Fan was annoyed and glared, "What do you know?"

                "This life of mine was saved by Director Lin, I have absolute trust in Director Lin's medical skills."

                "You brat, nonsense, go away!"

                Uncle Fan's son was slightly reluctant: "Dad, I ...... am not worried about mum's health!"

                "This matter of healing is not a trivial matter, you can't just mess around with it."

                Binzi also came over at this time: "Brother, this Lin Mo I know, is a vocational school did not even graduate from the school scum."

                "He doesn't even have a degree, how did he become a doctor?"

                "When he was in school, all he did was brag."

                "This kind of person can't be trusted at all."

                "Something like acupuncture is not a trivial matter."

                "If you're not careful, that can easily cause irreparable trauma."

                Uncle Fan's son nodded his head repeatedly, "Yes, Dad, this ...... is not something that can be done indiscriminately with needles."

                "How about we find another doctor and ask?"