Medical Genius Chapter 516

 Xiao Wu's eyes reddened at the sound of this, and he hurriedly said, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

                "You're just fine!"

                "Don't ever think that, don't say such silly things."

                "Besides, Lin Mo is a doctor now, he will definitely be able to cure you."

                Xiao Wu's father, on the other hand, sighed helplessly, such is the sadness of the poor.

                Xiao Wu's mother waved her hand, "Hey, Xiao Wu, just don't give Lin Mo a hard time."

                "This illness of mine, I know it in my own heart."

                "If you take more medicine, you're just spending money to buy your life."

                "A cure is definitely not a cure, it's impossible for the whole world to cure it."

                All the people around were also nodding their heads, Xiao Wu's mother's condition was really something that could only be controlled, not cured.

                Lin Mo's expression was calm as he stared at Xiao Wu's mother for a while and took her pulse again.

                Xiao Wu had a nervous face: "Lin Zi, I ...... how is my mother?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly: "Just some minor illnesses, not difficult to cure."

                "I don't have any silver needles with me today, I can't give her any needles."

                "In this way, I'll prescribe some medicine for auntie to take first."

                "Later, you can bring her to the hospital and I'll give her three more injections, and she'll almost be cured."

                Xiao Wu was pleasantly surprised, "Really?"

                "This ...... is great!"

                The people around were shocked, Xiao Wu's mother was so sick that she could still be cured?

                One person next to her couldn't help but say, "Doctor Lin, when you ...... say it's good, how good is it?"

                "A little better, or ...... still a cure, huh?"

                The other people also looked straight at Lin Mo, this kind of disease, how could it be completely cured?

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "Of course it's a cure."

                The crowd around suddenly clamored, this time, even Uncle Fan could not help himself: "Director Lin, this ...... can really be cured?"

                Lin Mo nodded his head, "Of course."

                Uncle Fan was overjoyed, "My ...... family's mouth is in a similar situation to Xiao Wu's mother."

                "Then her illness, can it be cured as well?"

                Lin Mo said, "This can only be specifically determined once we see the person."

                Uncle Fan said urgently, "Why don't I bring her here now and trouble you to take a look?"

                Lin Mo pondered for a moment, today he was here to decorate Xiao Wu's wedding room, how come he was practicing medicine here?

                Uncle Fan hurriedly said, "Director Lin, please."

                "My family is tormented by this disease."

                "How about you help?"

                Xiao Wu's father also hurriedly said, "Lin Zi, you ...... can help Uncle Fan."

                "We are here, Uncle Fan has taken care of us, Uncle Fan's family is very good."

                Hearing these words, Lin Mo Fang nodded his head.

                "Since Uncle has said so, then bring it over."

                "However, I don't have any silver needles with me today, so I can only prescribe some medicine first, I can't treat it directly."

                Uncle Fan was overjoyed, "It's fine, it's fine."

                "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry for your trouble, I'm sorry for your trouble!"

                Uncle Fan ran out with great enthusiasm and let his son drive him back.

                At this moment, Binzi quietly came over.

                With a resigned look on his face, he whispered, "Lin Mo, are you bragging?"

                "This is heart disease diabetes and many complications for my third aunt."

                "This disease, even if it is put into the world, can only be controlled, not cured."

                "You say it can be cured? Do you really take us for fools?"

                "Did you climb up the ladder as head of the department by bragging?"

                All the people around also looked at Lin Mo in confusion.

                The previous incident with Uncle Fan had made them admire Lin Mo.

                However, what Lin Mo said later made them suspicious of Lin Mo, and they always felt that this was not a charlatan.

                Because, the things that Lin Mo said were really hard to believe.

                And Uncle Fan, maybe he was deceived by Lin Mo, that's why he was like this.