Medical Genius Chapter 515

 When the crowd at the scene saw this, they were also all filled with shock.

                At the same time, the looks they gave Lin Mo were all filled with admiration.

                This was a real big shot, not showing off.

                Unlike Binzi, who came in and called out to everyone, hoping that everyone would recognise him.

                In contrast, the crowd was even more impressed with Lin Mo.

                As for Xiao Wu's parents, they were even more filled with joy.

                Lin Mo Deng Jun, was Xiao Wu's best friend.

                In the past, when Lin Mo's family was poor and Xiao Wu's parents were still working in the factory, the family was still in good condition.

                At that time, Lin Mo often went to his home to eat.

                Xiao Wu's parents were the kind of people who were very practical.

                Whenever Lin Mo went over, they always cooked a sumptuous meal for them.

                It could be said that, in their eyes, they really treated Lin Mo as their junior.

                Now that Lin Mo had finally made his mark, they were happy for him from the bottom of their hearts.

                Xiao Wu's mother brought over a teapot and prepared to make tea for the two of them.

                Lin Mo hurriedly took the teapot: "Auntie, you are not well, rest first."

                "I'll do this work, I can do it."

                Xiao Wu's mother was all smiles, "Aiya, you sit down, you sit down."

                "You're a guest here today."

                "This is a big happy occasion for my family, I must entertain you all personally."

                "Come, come, come, Uncle Fan, have some tea, have some tea."

                When Uncle Fan saw how respectful even Lin Mo was to Xiao Wu's mother, how could he dare to accept this cup of tea himself.

                He hurriedly got up, helped pour the tea and smiled, "Xiao Wu Niang, just don't be busy."

                "This little matter, is it necessary to be so busy?"

                "Come, come, Little Five, let your parents go over and sit down."

                Xiao Wu's father hurriedly said, "Uncle Fan, it's fine."

                "I still have to help set up the wedding site, so you sit down first."

                Uncle Fan waved his hand, "Come on, at your age you're still climbing high and low?"

                "You two go over and sit down, I'll ask my son to bring some people over and clean up all this work at your house."

                After saying that, Uncle Fan actually made a phone call.

                It didn't take long for his son to bring a group of people in, busily starting to clean up the wedding site.

                Binzi stood beside him, looking at him helplessly.

                Uncle Fan's son was a more powerful character than even his elder brother.

                In front of Uncle Fan's son, he was not even a junior.

                The few people that Uncle Fan's son had brought in, just pulling out one of them, were much stronger than him.

                Now, while Uncle Fan's son was busy packing up the wedding room with this group of people, he was standing here, was it appropriate?

                Binzi's face swelled red and he quickly said, "Xiao Wu, you ...... help Third Aunt to go over and sit down first."

                "This bit of work outside, you guys don't worry about it, I'll be busy."

                The words were said, Binzi also hurriedly ran out and got busy.

                Xiao Wu's parents looked at each other, both surprised.

                In the past, this Binzi had been incredibly lazy at home.

                Today, he had gone to work himself, which was unprecedented.

                When Lin Mo saw this, he was also very satisfied.

                He greeted Xiao Wu's parents and sat down, smiling, "Auntie, I had dinner with Xiao Wu last night and talked about your situation."

                "It just so happens that my current medical skills are fine."

                "How about I take a look for you?"

                Uncle Fan had an envious look on his face, "Aiyo, Little Auntie Wu, you're really close to the water."

                "Director Lin's medical skills, to cure you, that's absolutely no problem."

                Xiao Wu's mother sat in front of Lin Mo and timidly said, "Lin Mo, this illness of auntie, I'm afraid it's not that treatable."

                "I ...... had a bad heart before, and I have diabetes, and quite a few complications."

                "Then there was a cerebral hemorrhage, the doctor said, I have no rule, only control."

                "Hey, seriously, if it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't let go of Xiao Wu, I ...... I might as well die."

                "I'm a drag on my family now that I'm alive!"

                The mother of Xiao Wu said, can not help but wipe up the tears.