Medical Genius Chapter 514

 The people were all nodding and bowing, this Uncle Fan had a very low status in the village, higher than even the influence of the village chief.

                Lin Mo took a look and couldn't help but laugh.

                What kind of Uncle Fan was this? It turned out to be a sick person he had cured in the past.

                Binzi also hurriedly greeted him, "Aiya, Uncle Fan, you're here."

                "Come, come, this way please, this way please."

                "I'll have a few drinks with you at noon today."

                Uncle Fan didn't even look at him, and walked into the house with his head held high.

                Xiao Wu's mother struggled to carry a chair over, "Uncle Fan, please sit down."

                Uncle Fan nodded and was just about to sit down when he inadvertently saw Lin Mo in the room.

                He first froze, and then his face changed drastically.

                Amidst the stunned gazes of the crowd, Uncle Fan ran briskly to Lin Mo and said in a trembling voice, "Director Lin, you ...... What brings you here?"

                "Aiya, I didn't even know about you coming over."

                "If I wanted to know that you were coming, then I ...... would have come over long ago."

                Everyone was stunned, and Binzi looked bewildered: "Uncle Fan, how do you ...... you know him?"

                Uncle Fan glanced at him, "How do I not know?"

                "This is Director Lin of the North District Hospital, in charge of the emergency department."

                "I almost died from drinking before, and it was Director Lin who personally saved me from death."

                "Director Lin is my life-saver, how can I not know him?"

                The crowd was confused, Binzi's eyes even glazed over, "No way?"

                "He ...... he's really a doctor?"

                "How is this possible? How is it possible?"

                All the people around were also embarrassed beyond measure, especially the ones who had just spoken out to mock Lin Mo, who were now unable to lift their heads in shame.

                Thinking about what they had just said, this scene now was simply slapping them in the face.

                Xiao Wu's parents were also wide-eyed.

                They believed that Lin Mo worked at the hospital, but they had always felt that Lin Mo should be doing logistics or something like that at the hospital.

                After all, with Lin Mo's education, he certainly couldn't be a doctor.

                Who would have thought that Lin Mo was not only a doctor, but also, a chief physician.

                If someone else had said this, the crowd would not have believed it.

                However, if it came out of Uncle Fan's mouth, no one would dare not believe it.

                Uncle Fan ignored the crowd as he excitedly grabbed Lin Mo's hand, "Director Lin, you are my life-saving benefactor."

                "The medicine you prescribed for me last time, after I came back and took it, it worked so well."

                "Not to mention, all those old roots of my illness are gone now."

                "Director Lin, you are really a reincarnated miracle doctor."

                "I even made a few trips to the hospital afterwards, but I didn't see you, it's really too bad."

                "I didn't expect to meet you here, it's really fate, fate na!"

                Lin Mo nodded with a light smile, "It's normal that you can't find me, I'm no longer in the emergency department now."

                Uncle Fan was surprised: "Huh?"

                "You're not in the emergency department?"

                "Then where did you go?"

                Lin Mo said, "I'm now in charge of the Chinese medicine department at the back."

                "If you want to find me, you can go to the Chinese medicine department and look for me."

                Uncle Fan looked confused, "You've changed departments, huh?"

                "Ouch, this is a big loss for the emergency department."

                "Mr. Lin, you really are the most skilled doctor I've ever seen."

                "OK, I'll see you in the TCM department later."

                "My family's health is not so good, I've always wanted to take her to see you."

                Lin Mo nodded with a light smile, "No harm in that."

                "You can take her there anytime."

                Uncle Fan thanked him repeatedly, and at this point, he couldn't care less about the others, so he moved a chair and sat down next to Lin Mo.

                As for that Binzi, he stood next to him with an embarrassed face, unable to interject a single word.

                He was a minor character in front of Uncle Fan.

                And the fact that Uncle Fan had such a respectful attitude in front of Lin Mo made him panic in his heart.