Medical Genius Chapter 512

 Xiao Wu's mother was a little reluctant, but in the end, she didn't dare to say anything else.

                "Alright, that's it, I'll leave now, I have urgent business over there."

                The youth waved his hand to leave.

                At this moment, a person next to him suddenly said, "Binzi, don't be in a hurry to leave."

                "I saw Uncle Fan this morning, he said he would come over for a walk later."

                Hearing this, the youth's eyes lit up, "Uncle Fan is coming?"

                "Aiyo, then what do I say I have to talk to Uncle Fan for a bit."

                "Come, come, move a chair, I'll sit here for a while."

                Xiao Wu hurriedly moved a chair over.

                The young man sat down in the courtyard in a big way. Xiao Wu's father brought him tea and Xiao Wu's mother handed him a cigarette.

                He took a look at the cigarette and said, "Third Aunt, I'm not talking about you."

                "Why are you still so stingy when it's such a big deal to get married?"

                "Can you even afford to pay ten dollars for a cigarette?"

                "At least it has to be Huazi!"

                Xiao Wu's mother was bewildered: "What ...... what Huazi?"

                The youth stared, "Chinese cigarettes!"

                Xiao Wu's mother was startled: "That ...... how expensive are those cigarettes ......"

                "Binzi, my family's situation, you also know, how can I afford to buy that cigarette ah ......"

                The youth waved his hand with an impatient look on his face, "Alright, alright, just don't complain."

                "I'll tell you, this is the most important thing in being a human being, the pattern is the most important."

                "It's a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but you're not ashamed of how you're doing it?"

                "When Uncle Fan comes later, you'll give him this cigarette?"

                "You guys have no sense of style, no wonder you've never made it in life!"

                "You're not destined for greatness in this life!"

                Xiao Wu's parents looked embarrassed and stood by the side with a smile, not daring to offend this youth at all.

                Lin Mo's brows furrowed as he listened, this Binzi, he also knew him.

                He was Xiao Wu's own cousin, and his mother and Xiao Wu's mother were close sisters.

                In the early years, Binzi's family was poor and often received help from Xiao Wu's family.

                At that time, Binzi used to hang around the vocational school and often came to Xiao Wu to borrow money.

                On each occasion, Xiao Wu lent him money without stint, treating him as if he were his own brother.

                I never thought that he would become like this after not seeing him for a few years.

                He was so angry at Xiao Wu's parents for calling him names and treating him like this.

                At this moment, Xiao Wu also saw Lin Mo and was immediately filled with joy.

                "Lin Zi, you're here!"

                "Quickly, quickly, come and sit inside."

                Xiao Wu greeted.

                Xiao Wu's parents also saw Lin Mo and were both pleasantly surprised, "Aiya, this is Lin Mo."

                "It's been a long time."

                "This kid, he's grown so big."

                "Quickly, quickly, quickly, sit inside."

                Lin Mo greeted him with a smile, "Uncle and aunt, it's been a long time."

                "I'm really sorry, I didn't even know you had moved here, I haven't been to see you."

                Several people exchanged pleasantries as that Binzi came over and looked Lin Mo up and down.

                "Yo, so it's Lin Mo."

                "I thought it was someone, just now at the entrance of the alley, riding a broken electric donkey, wandering around, blocking the road."

                "Lin Mo, what are you doing after this?"

                "At such an old age, how come you didn't even mix with a car?"

                Binzi said, and played with the car keys in his hand, with a showy expression.

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, this Binzi was still following their asses before.

                Now, he was deliberately running in front of him to show off.

                "Not doing anything, working at the hospital."

                Lin Mo casually returned.

                Binzi couldn't help but stare, while Xiao Wu's parents were overjoyed.

                "Aiya, Lin Mo, you're working at the hospital, huh?"

                "This kid, he's mixed up, he's even a doctor."

                "Great, great."

                Xiao Wu's parents were kind-hearted, and Lin Mo could see that they were happy for themselves from the bottom of their hearts.

                As for that Binzi, he had a resigned look on his face.

                He had made a name for himself since then and had always looked down on people on Xiao Wu's side.

                Lin Mo was working at the hospital, which made him very unconvinced.