Medical Genius Chapter 511

 The Passat stopped opposite the door of Xiao Wu's house and a smartly dressed young man got out of the car.

                He had a shaved head and a tattoo on his neck.

                He had a bag under his arm and was walking with a pouting buttocks, moving one step at a time, a complete street skater's look.

                The youth glanced at Lin Mo, spat disdainfully and swaggered into Xiao Wu's courtyard.

                Lin Mo didn't care and followed him in.

                The courtyard was quite busy, with a dozen people setting up the scene.

                As soon as the youth walked in, he yelled out straight away, "Aiya, Little Five, your wedding decoration is too shabby, isn't it?"

                "Nowadays, when you get married, it's all about the pomp and circumstance."

                "You're not doing a good job, are you?"

                "What kind of flowers are these? They're all plastic, at least buy some real flowers."

                "And over here, did you cut the wedding letters yourself? It's not very nice either!"

                The youths were pointing and pointing, their voices loud, as if they were worried that no one would hear them.

                All the people in the courtyard looked over, and Xiao Wu and his parents came out of the house.

                "Aiya, his old cousin, you've finally come."

                "Come, come, please come in, please come in."

                Xiao Wu's mother said breathlessly, doing her best to squeeze a smile on her face.

                The youth waved his hand, "All right, I won't go in and sit down."

                "Third Aunt, I'm not saying you, the smell of medicine in your house is just too much, I can't stand the smell."

                "Little Five, I've arranged a car for you, a Passat as the head car, it's also very respectable."

                Xiao Wu's father froze for a moment: "His old cousin, not ...... didn't he say to get a BMW?"

                "How to change the Passat?"

                The youth glanced at Xiao Wu's father with contempt: "Third aunt, you are looking down on the Passat or what?"

                "As far as your family's wedding scene is concerned, a Passat would be fine, what more do you need a BMW for?"

                "Besides, it's mainly because you guys said it too late."

                "If you had said it a few days earlier, I could have got you a Rolls Royce, not to mention a BMW."

                Xiao Wu's mother smiled, "Binzi, I know you are capable."

                "Look, Xiao Wu is your own cousin, you two grew up together."

                "Will you help me with Xiao Wu's wedding?"

                "The girl's parents have said they want at least a BMW as the first car."

                "Why don't you do something about it and get a better car?"

                "How about making our family look good, too?"

                The young man looked impatient: "Third Aunt, don't I have enough to worry about?"

                "Go and find out how much it costs to get a Passat as a wedding car."

                "I borrowed the car for free and helped with the transport, for the sake of our relatives."

                "If it were anyone else, who would care about your family?"

                "If you don't want to use it, forget it and go and rent it yourself!"

                Xiao Wu's parents looked embarrassed and nodded coyly, "It's fine, it's fine, the Passat is fine."

                "Binzi, don't be angry, we're just asking."

                "Come, come, sit down first and have a cup of tea."

                "Xiao Wu, get your old cousin a box of cigarettes."

                The youth waved his hand, "No need, I have something else to do, I just came to talk to you guys."

                "We're leaving at eight tomorrow morning to pick up the bride, right? I'll be here at seven fifty and that's fine, right?"

                Xiao Wu's mother hurriedly said, "Binzi, can you get there earlier?"

                "By then, there's still a wedding car to decorate."

                "If you come late, the wedding car won't be ready in time."

                The youth looked impatient, "What a nuisance, how can I get up so early?"

                "How about pushing the time back a bit and picking up the bride at half past eight."

                Xiao Wu's mother said helplessly, "We're leaving at eight, that's the time we counted."

                "Binzi, how about you just do Xiao Wu a favour and come over earlier?"

                The youth sulked a bit, but finally waved his hand, "Forget it, no big deal, I'll sleep less."

                "Come over at seven thirty, that's always okay."