Medical Genius Chapter 506

 The crowd rushed over and saw that the man was holding a wooden board that had broken in two.

                The man in charge looked at it for a while and cried, "We're not taking the right steps to remove it, this board is not load bearing."

                "We have to remove the top first before we can remove this board."

                "Otherwise, this board will take all the weight and it will be crushed."

                The man looked confused, "So what now?"

                The man looked helplessly at Xu Dongxue: "Miss Xu, you were the one who said earlier that you would take the blame for any problems."

                Xu Dongxue frowned: "It's okay, I'll take it on!"

                "Keep taking it apart, it's just a board, what's the big deal?"

                "Even if it's all broken, the big deal is to replace it all!"

                "You guys go on, don't worry about these details."

                Only then did those few people feel at ease and continue to dismantle it.

                However, the more they dismantled it, the more problems there were.

                First, the board broke, and then some inexplicable parts appeared to be faulty.

                In the end, they were simply unable to proceed and the scene was a mess.

                The man in charge had a helpless look on his face, "Mr. Huang, Miss Xu, we really can't do this job anymore."

                "This bed, it's just too precise, I've never seen such a high-end bed in my life."

                "In order to dismantle this bed, you have to be a professional, we really can't do it."

                Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang looked depressed: "It's just a bed, is it so complicated?"

                The man in charge said, "If I'm right, the price of this bed is definitely more than half a million."

                "A bed that costs more than half a million, that's a precise instrument, it's not as simple as removing and installing a few screws."

                "Unless a professional, the average person simply can't clean it up."

                "Miss Xu, you should hire someone else, we really can't do this job."

                After saying that, the man took those few people and hurriedly ran away.

                Xu Dongxue was reluctant and asked Huang Liang to continue calling for someone to come over.

                Fang Hui and Xu Jiangong also ran upstairs specifically to keep an eye on the scene.

                Three groups of people came in between, all of whom shook their heads and left again.

                They were all in the business and could tell at a glance that the bed was not simple.

                How could they clean up such a mess?

                When a group of people finally arrived, they took one look at the situation and immediately turned their heads and ran away.

                The man in the lead was also Huang Liang's friend, and as he was leaving the house, he said to Huang Liang, "Huang Liang, aren't you screwing me over?"

                "This bed is in such a state, and you're asking me to tear it down? Are you trying to get me killed?"

                Huang Liang looked bewildered, "What's wrong?"

                "Am I not introducing you to a job?"

                The man in the lead said angrily, "Nonsense, what kind of job do you have here?"

                "This bed has been dismantled to this extent, it's basically ruined."

                "I'm going to keep doing this, who's going to pay for the damage?"

                "How much money can I make doing this job? Do you know how much money it would cost to pay for this damage on site?"

                Xu Dongxue was shocked, "What kind of damage is this?"

                "Isn't it just a few broken boards and a few broken parts?"

                "Won't it be enough to buy a few more?"

                The man in the lead glanced at her and laughed bitterly, "It's not as simple as you make it out to be!"

                "Take a close look at those boards, that material, I've never even seen it in all the years I've been in this business."

                "And those parts, they're all specially made, they simply don't match."

                "To re-install this bed, you would have to have these parts custom made from the manufacturer."

                "Do you guys know how much that would cost for this kind of customization?"

                "Let me advise you guys, whoever dismantled this bed, hurry up and find him and make him pay for it."

                "These damages, anyway, start at least at six figures."

                Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang were dumbfounded, they didn't think that tearing down a bed would cause such a big trouble.