Medical Genius Chapter 503

 Xu Hanxia sat in her chair and pretended not to hear Fang Hui's words.

                Fang Hui muttered for a while, and when she saw that Xu Hanxia was unmoved, she couldn't help but get a little annoyed.

                "Hanxia, did you hear me?"

                "Your father's health is in such a state, don't you care about him at all?"

                "When you were little, how much your father loved you, he took you with him everywhere he went."

                "If it weren't for paying for your schooling, would your father's health be in this state?"

                "You're the chairman of the company now, you sleep in a bed for millions."

                "What about your father? His back hurts all day long and he's too embarrassed to tell you, don't you feel guilty?"

                Fang Hui said angrily.

                Xu Dongxue laughed coldly, "Mom, what's the use of you talking to her about this."

                "This sister of mine, ah, her elbow has now turned to the sky."

                "She only cares about her husband, she doesn't care about her father and mother."

                "Mum, when I make money later, I'll buy Dad a nice bed."

                "I'll never let Mom and Dad suffer even if I have to eat and wear less than I should!"

                Fang Hui was greatly moved and patted Xu Dongxue's shoulder, "Hey, it's still Xue'er who knows how to behave."

                "It's really not in vain that your father loves you so much."

                "I really can't imagine, a child who was so obedient and understanding when she was young, how did she turn out like this when she grew up?"

                Xu Hanxia was furious, these two people were singing like a double act here, you and I were saying the same thing, it was obvious that they were trying to provoke her.

                She couldn't say anything, and if she didn't agree to hand over the bed, then she would be ungrateful.

                At this moment, Lin Mo suddenly said, "Mum, Dad's back is not good, so it's not suitable for him to sleep in such a soft bed."

                "In fact, the mattress on that bed downstairs, which I specifically had replaced, is most suitable for Dad's current health condition."

                Fang Hui was immediately annoyed, "What do you know?"

                "Your dad's body is in such a state, with such severe lumbar spondylosis and herniated discs."

                "That's the kind of good mattress he needs to sleep on to protect his lumbar spine."

                "What do you mean by that?"

                "Afraid we'll move this bed of yours, huh?"

                "Lin Mo, you also think of us as too classless, are we such people in your eyes?"

                Lin Mo was directly speechless.

                Xu Hanxia couldn't help but say, "Mom, Lin Mo is analysing this from a medical perspective, he doesn't mean anything else."

                Fang Hui said angrily, "Just him? How can he analyse from a medical perspective?"

                "What kind of education does he have, doesn't he know it in his heart?"

                "Do you really think that you became the head of the department based on your ability?"

                "Lin Mo, have you forgotten about the money we spent on gifts to help you?"

                "If we hadn't helped you, you would still be sweeping toilets in the hospital!"

                "How can you analyse this from a medical point of view?"

                "I'm telling you, I know more than you do, so don't play games in front of me!"

                Xu Hanxia waved her hand helplessly, "Fine, fine, fine, let us talk too much."

                "Lin Mo, from now on, don't say anything like that."

                Lin Mo was also helpless, so he simply kept quiet and stopped talking.

                Xu Dongxue, on the other hand, glanced at Lin Mo: "Brother-in-law, with this expression, you seem to be very unconvinced, huh?"

                "What, you don't think what mum said was right?"

                "That's fine, why don't we give it a try."

                "Move this bed of yours downstairs, let dad fall asleep first, and see if dad's health is good or bad?"

                Lin Mo was speechless, how could I be unconvinced?

                This excuse of yours is too far-fetched!

                Fang Hui on the other hand, her eyes lit up, "What Xue'er said is right."

                "It's settled."

                "This time, I'm going to use facts to prove to you who is right and who is wrong!"

                "Xue'er, go get Huang Liang to come up and together we'll move this bed downstairs."

                Xu Dongxue went downstairs with gusto.

                Xu Hanxia, on the other hand, was dumbfounded: "Mom, you ...... what is your basis for this?"

                "This is my bed and Lin Mo's!"