Medical Genius Chapter 501

 Lin Mo sat down in front of Deng Jun, nibbled on a skewer and drank beer while asking about Xiao Wu's situation.

                Just now, Lin Mo actually planned to have a good chat with Xiao Wu, but there were so many people at the scene that it was inconvenient to say some things.

                Later, when Song Zhilan suddenly came over, Lin Mo had no time to talk to Xiao Wu more.

                Deng Jun waved his hand and said, "Hey, Xiao Wu's situation isn't too good right now."

                "His mother had that illness, it's too much of a drag on the family and costs a lot."

                "Xiao Wu himself was injured when he was working outside, and now he can't do heavy work."

                "I had no choice but to come back and open a kiosk in front of the house, barely making ends meet."

                Lin Mo didn't expect that Xiao Wu would end up in this situation now.

                From the beginning, Xiao Wu had never come to him, let alone mentioned the 50,000 yuan.

                It was evident that Xiao Wu did not want Lin Mo to worry about him at all, let alone make him feel guilty about the 50,000 yuan.

                Holding back the uncomfortable feeling in his heart, Lin Mo asked, "Where is Xiao Wu now?"

                Deng Jun: "He's gone home."

                "He's getting married the day after tomorrow, and there's still a lot to do at home."

                Lin Mo remembered the girl that Xiao Wu had brought with him and quickly asked, "Is that the girl we had dinner with tonight?"

                Deng Jun immediately nodded, "That's right!"

                "This girl, it's said that she and Xiao Wu grew up together as neighbours and are quite close."

                "When Xiao Wu graduated, the two of them got engaged."

                "But, because of Xiao Wu's mother, the marriage has been delayed until now."

                "By the way, that girl, she's really nice."

                "After Xiao Wu was injured, he felt that he was a wreck and was afraid that he would have to drag that girl down in the future, so he wrote a breakup letter to her."

                "As a result, that girl ran straight to Xiao Wu's construction site and just didn't agree to break up."

                "Seriously, there really aren't many girls who can stay together like that nowadays!"

                "Xiao Wu has really found a good girl!"

                Lin Mo nodded his head, during dinner tonight, that girl was quiet and gentle, sitting next to Xiao Wu without saying a word.

                The entire time, she had been very attentive to Xiao Wu's food.

                Whether she was entering or going out, she held Xiao Wu's arm and supported him all the time.

                Such a girl was really rare.

                Lin Mo felt happy for Xiao Wu from the bottom of his heart!

                "Are you doing anything tomorrow?"

                "If there's nothing, let's both go over and help."

                Lin Mo said.

                Deng Jun had a helpless face, "Lin Zi, I originally wanted to go and help too."

                "But this time, the company is getting busy."

                "After you won that exchange last time, there's been more than enough on this side of the company to keep you busy."

                "Didn't you hear all about it last night? Our company, now, is the biggest herb company in the whole of Guangyang."

                "There's a big shipment arriving tomorrow, and at the end of the day today, General Manager Xu had a meeting and specifically asked me to keep an eye on it."

                "Mr. Xu wants the herb company to develop well, preferably to achieve listing as well, now at a critical time, I ...... I'm afraid I can't leave during this daytime."

                Lin Mo smiled: "Fortunately, you were asked to be the president of the company, this if I were to go, then it would be me who would be busy now."

                "If that's the case, then I won't be taking you with me tomorrow."

                Deng Jun's face was bitter: "I want to go too."

                "When you got married, I couldn't go to help."

                "When I got married, you weren't there either."

                "We are three brothers, and now that Xiao Wu is getting married, it wouldn't be right for either of us to be missing."

                "Tell you what, I'll see how it goes tomorrow and I'll be there as soon as I'm done."

                "Anyway, I'm going to go over the day after tomorrow no matter what!"

                Lin Mo nodded, "It's fine."

                "It's the same for me to go over there."

                The two finished those kebabs and chatted for a while before dispersing.

                When Lin Mo returned home, he saw Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang sitting on the living room sofa.

                When she saw Lin Mo, Xu Dongxue had a provocative face, as if she was proud that she was back.