Medical Genius Chapter 498

 The group of people were too excited to contain themselves.

                Zhao Xin was full of triumph and waved his hand, "All sit down, all sit down."

                "What's all the excitement about?"

                "What about the contact information, I can't give it to you guys, it's very personal after all."

                "However, the next time I see Mr Lan again, I can take a picture with her."

                "When that time comes, I'll let you all have an eye-opening experience!"

                The crowd squealed at once.

                "The class president is awesome!"

                "Gosh, Song Zhi Lan, this is the goddess in the hearts of many men in Guangyang City."

                "Class monitor, I heard that Song Zhi Lan is single now, if you can catch up with her, that would be great!"

                "Hahahaha, this Song Zhilan, no matter her looks or assets, is far beyond that Xu Hanxia. Lin Mo, are you envious?"

                The crowd was in an uproar, as if knowing Song Zhilan was something to brag about.

                Lin Mo was speechless, and didn't bother to talk to them.

                Zhao Xin was smug, knowing Song Zhilan had finally brought back some face for him.

                Seeing that no business could be discussed at this banquet tonight, he didn't bother to continue, and directly called the waiter to settle the bill.

                The waiter looked respectful: "Everyone, your bill has been settled."

                The crowd was surprised, Xie Fang was the first to look at Zhao Xin: "Class leader, you settled the bill first in advance?"

                "It's alright, AA later ah, we'll transfer the money to you."

                "How much is the total?"

                Zhao Xin was puzzled, he hadn't settled the bill in advance.

                Just then, the waiter said again, "Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention it."

                "The bill for this private room of yours was settled by Song Zhilan Song herself."

                "She said that her friend was eating here, so, she settled all the bills in advance."

                At these words, the private room was suddenly in an uproar.

                "Oh my god? Song Zhilan Song summarised the bill?"

                "Settling the bill for a friend? Then it must be for the class president to settle the bill!"

                "This ...... this ...... is not allowed!"

                "Class leader, you are too awesome!"

                "Bandmaster is awesome!"

                The crowd shouted excitedly.

                Zhao Xin, on the other hand, was full of confusion.

                He had just said something nice, but in fact, he and Song Zhilan had only met on one side.

                At that time, he attended a meeting in place of his uncle, and Song Zhilan arrived for a few minutes, gave a speech on it, and then left.

                As for Song Zhilan's contact information, it was actually the phone number of Song Zhilan's office.

                Moreover, when calling that number, it could only be received by Song Zhilan's secretary. If not necessary, it would not reach Song Zhilan.

                How could Song Zhilan, who didn't even know that he existed, settle the bill for him?

                However, at this point in time, he could only admit it with a stiff upper lip.

                "Haha, it's good that everyone is happy."

                "Alright, let's go home after we've eaten and drunk enough tonight, let's get together again later ah."

                Zhao Xin snorted.

                The crowd was still bragging about Zhao Xin and walked all the way to the front door.

                Just as they walked out, the crowd saw a Lamborghini, parked right where the gate was.

                "Wow, this car, it's so handsome!"

                The crowd all exclaimed.

                She had a little sister who had once ridden in a Lamborghini and had always used it as bragging rights.

                She had always imagined when she would be able to ride in a car like this, so her life would not have been in vain.

                She lifted her skirt up again, revealing some of her thighs, and walked towards the Lamborghini with a lot of charm.

                If she could catch the man in the car, she would have made a fortune tonight.

                However, before she could get to the front, the door of the Lamborghini opened.

                In full view of everyone, a pair of straight legs stretched out from the car.

                Following closely behind, a stunning beauty, stepped out of the car.

                Seeing this beauty, everyone felt a sense of breathlessness and even quietly lowered their heads.

                She was so beautiful that no one dared to look at her!