Medical Genius Chapter 496

 Zhao Xin also stared at Lin Mo: "It can't be?"

                "Lin Mo, you ...... your wife is the chairman?"

                "Then how come you're sweeping toilets in the hospital?"

                Deng Jun sneered, "Who said Lin Mo was sweeping the toilets in the hospital?"

                "He's the head of the hospital's department!"

                "At the same time, he is in charge of many of the company's projects!"

                "Including me, the president of the branch, which was also arranged by Lin Mo himself."

                "Zhao Xin, if you want to cooperate with our company, don't you want to get a clear picture of our company first?"

                "With such an attitude of doing things like you, huh, no wonder the department manager doesn't work with you!"

                A dead silence fell over everyone as they all looked at Zhao Xin in unison.

                Just now, it was Zhao Xin who said that Lin Mo swept the toilet, which was why the crowd mocked Lin Mo.

                Who would have thought of such a situation!

                Zhao Xin was also dumbfounded, he had clearly seen Lin Mo sweeping the toilets in the hospital at that time, how did he become like this now?

                After a moment of silence, Zhao Xin hurriedly said, "Lin Mo, actually ......"

                Lin Mo directly waved his hand, "Dinner, no business talk."

                Zhao Xin was disliked to the point of being unable to speak, embarrassed to the point of embarrassment, while his face became extremely ugly.

                He knew that this project was definitely yellow.

                They had mocked Lin Mo like this tonight, how could Lin Mo not give them small shoes?

                Zhao Xin returned to his original seat with a bitter face and sat down. The table fell into silence, except for Lin Mo, Deng Jun and Xiao Wu, who were still chatting passionately.

                Xie Fang tried to come over and say a few words several times, but no one paid any attention to them, making them even more embarrassed.

                Zhao Yi Yi originally wanted to hook up with Deng Jun, but now that she saw this, she knew she was hopeless, so she gave up too.

                Looking at Lin Mo talking and laughing, Zhao Yi Yi couldn't help but be annoyed in her heart.

                People were strange creatures, a man she had once rejected, she would never want him to have a better life than herself.

                Otherwise, wouldn't that prove that she had made the wrong choice in the first place.

                So, Zhao Yi Yi suddenly spoke up, "What's with the tugging and pulling?"

                "No matter how rich you are, you're not still eating other people's soft rice."

                "This only shows that some people are good at eating soft rice."

                "What does that company or business of his have to do with him?"

                "With the assets of his father-in-law's family, he is pretending to be a successful person here."

                "I pooh, it's disgusting to watch!"

                The others were also suffocating in their hearts and spoke up in agreement at the sound of their words.

                Xie Fang even had a scowl on her face and sneered, "This person, if you marry well, you can really struggle for many years less."

                "Look at Lin Mo, who married such a good family and became a high class person."

                "Who would have thought that when he was in our class before, he was just a piece of trash that didn't make the grade."

                The crowd all burst into laughter.

                Deng Jun's face changed and he said angrily, "Xie Fang, what did you say?"

                Xie Fang was a bit afraid of Deng Jun before, and that was because they wanted to befriend him.

                Now, seeing that they couldn't, of course, they didn't care at all.

                Xie Fang did not show any weakness: "What, am I wrong?"

                "There are so many people in our class, no, there are so many people in our school, it's the first time I've heard of someone running away to become a son-in-law."

                "What age is this, how come there are still people who do such things without dignity?"

                "But it's really easy to succeed if this person is shameless."

                "I just can't understand one thing, Lin Mo, your daughter-in-law, is she too ugly and no one wants her, or is she just blind and can't see?"

                "How could you be chosen to be the son-in-law?"

                The crowd burst into laughter, Zhao Xin glanced at Lin Mo: "That's why I said, she must be an ugly woman."

                "If not, with his assets, there would be rows of people willing to be his son-in-law, why should he be the one to do it?"