Medical Genius Chapter 495

 Nini shook her head, "I know the bathtub, I have a bathtub at home."

                "The one at Uncle Lin's house is really a swimming pool, a big, big pool."

                "And, there are two of them."

                "One in the yard and one in the house, it's fun."

                "Dad said that the one in the house, you can go swimming in the winter!"

                The crowd was confused, not just a swimming pool, but two?

                Was it that luxurious?

                Xie Fang couldn't help but look at Lin Mo: "Lin Mo, is it true what Nini said?"

                "You ...... really have two swimming pools in your house?"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and didn't answer.

                The crowd, however, was full of shock, this Nini did not look like she was lying.

                Could it be that Lin Mo's family is really that rich?

                But, if Lin Mo's family was really so rich, then why would he be reduced to sweeping toilets in a hospital?

                After a moment of silence, Zhao Xin could not hold back any longer.

                He saw his chance and picked up a glass of wine and brought it to Deng Jun.

                "Mr. Deng, this glass of wine is my toast to you."

                "All of us old classmates, it's been a long time since we've seen each other."

                "Really, back in school, I knew you were by no means ordinary."

                "Now it's really extraordinary, you're definitely the best in our class to mix with."

                "You've put us old classmates to shame, everyone can't keep up with you anymore!"

                Zhao Xin said laughingly.

                Deng Jun was a little disgusted, but he still politely drank a cup with him.

                After one drink, Zhao Xin didn't leave, but sat down and chatted with Deng Jun in a casual manner.

                Deng Jun was really annoyed and couldn't help but say, "Zhao Xin, what exactly do you want to say?"

                Zhao Xin smiled awkwardly and said in a low voice, "It's like this."

                "Mr. Deng, our company, recently, has some business dealings with your company."

                "But, when the bidding was going on, that department manager of your company, seemed to be a bit biased towards our company."

                "Our old classmates, this is the most trustworthy relationship."

                "So, I'm thinking here, Mr. Deng, see if you can help ......"

                Deng Jun laughed as he glanced at Zhao Xin: "So it's about business."

                "I said how come we haven't seen each other for so many years and the moment we meet, we're so cordial."

                "Sorry, this business side of things, there are rules over at the head office."

                "Failure, is failure, unless the head office side changes the rules."

                Zhao Xin's face changed slightly and he hurriedly said, "Mr. Deng, this rule is dead, people are alive."

                "We've been old classmates for so many years, our relationship is here."

                "As long as I put the herbs away for you, the rules or whatever, it doesn't matter, do you think?"

                Deng Jun laughed out loud, "Zhao Xin ah Zhao Xin, you are really good at speculation."

                "However, you said in front of our head office's leaders that I should break the rules, what do you think I should do?"

                Zhao Xin froze: "What ...... what the head office's leader?"

                The crowd was also amazed, and Xie Fang whispered, "Mr. Deng, you don't have to worry."

                "Here are all our own old classmates, all people we can trust."

                "This matter is known to heaven and earth, and we are the only ones who know."

                "People from the head office, they can't possibly know!"

                Deng Jun bristled, "The leaders of the head office are sitting right here, you guys say they won't know?"

                The crowd exclaimed, "Who is it?"

                "Which one is the leader of the head office?"

                Deng Jun pointed at Lin Mo, "What, you guys don't know?"

                "Lin Mo, that's the leader of our head office."

                "His wife, is the chairman of our head office!"

                At these words, the scene was silent.

                Everyone stared straight at Lin Mo, all dumbfounded.

                Who could have imagined that Lin Mo had such an identity?

                Xie Fang was anxious: "Mr. Deng, are you ...... mistaken?"

                "Isn't he a hospital toilet sweeper?"