Medical Genius Chapter 494

 Zhao Xin was, after all, someone who had seen the world, and after a moment of embarrassment, he immediately returned to normal.

                "Oops, look at this brain of mine, how could I have forgotten about this one."

                "Yeah, when you were in school, you three were just the best."

                "Hahahaha, great, it's really complete when old classmates get together tonight and we can all get together."

                "Come, come, Mr. Deng, you take your seat."

                "Lin Mo, Xiao Wu, you two sit with General Manager Deng."

                Zhao Xin hurriedly arranged.

                The others looked at Lin Mo with some resentment and jealousy in their eyes.

                In their opinion, Lin Mo was just a loser who swept toilets, how could he be on good terms with Deng Jun?

                Lin Mo sat still and said slowly, "It's better to forget about the upper seat."

                "Didn't you all just say that I'd be best suited to sit here."

                "Let's just sit like this, it's quite troublesome to change around."

                "If you don't know, you'll think we're class leaders and class cadres!"

                Deng Jun couldn't help but laugh, Lin Mo's words were really mocking.

                Zhao Xin and the others' faces were all red, this one sentence had scolded them all.

                However, seeing that Deng Jun was beside them, they all didn't dare to get angry.

                "Since Lin Mo is not willing to come over, why don't you come over and sit down, Mr. Deng?"

                Zhao Xin said.

                Deng Jun waved his hand, "Forget it, I still prefer to sit with Lin Mo Xiao Wu."

                "Dinner, sit anywhere is not to eat."

                After saying that, Deng Jun really sat down next to Lin Mo.

                In this way, Lin Mo was sitting with Deng Jun on one side and Xiao Wu on the other.

                This situation made the crowd a little surprised.

                Even if Deng Jun and Lin Mo had a good relationship with Xiao Wu, then he should have been sitting in the middle of these two people.

                What was the situation now, he was actually sitting next to Lin Mo, giving up the main seat to Lin Mo?

                Was Deng Jun that good to Lin Mo?

                Zhao Xin, with doubts, eventually greeted the crowd helplessly and sat down.

                As for that Zhao Yi Yi, she ended up cheekily sitting down next to Deng Jun, because Nini was completely stuck on Lin Mo and wouldn't come down.

                After three rounds of wine, Zhao Xin started to boast about Deng Jun with his glass of wine.

                However, Deng Jun's attention was not on him at all, and he kept chatting with Lin Mo Xiao Wu.

                As for Nini, she even relied on Lin Mo's arms, asking every now and then, "Uncle Lin, when is Auntie going to rest? She said she'd take me swimming!"

                "Uncle Lin, can I take my puppy dog swimming with me?"

                "Uncle Lin, will Auntie comb my pigtails?"

                Xie Fang looked at her eyes, this little girl was too good for Lin Mo, right?

                With Deng Jun's current worth, it was probably not easy to please him.

                If she could please his daughter, she might be able to get a lot of benefits in the future.

                Xie Fang saw the right moment to come over: "Nini, do you like swimming?"

                "Why don't you take me swimming, whenever you want?"

                "Aunty knows the staff at the water park, you can play anything you want."

                Nini glanced at Xie Fang and shook her head like a rattle: "No."

                "Daddy said for me not to go to crowded places."

                "I'm still not well enough to run around."

                Xie Fang was surprised, "Then when Lin Mo takes you swimming, isn't it also a crowded place?"

                Nini immediately said, "Who said that?"

                "The swimming pool at Uncle Lin's house, there's no one there at all."

                "It's just me and Auntie, it's so much fun."

                The crowd at the scene was all wide-eyed, and Zhao Xin said in shock, "What ...... what pool at home?"

                "He has a swimming pool at home?"

                Even in a place like Guangyang City, how many people were there who could afford a swimming pool at home?

                Such a person, that is definitely a big tycoon!

                Xie Fang looked incredulous: "Nini, are you mistaken?"

                "That's a bathtub at his house, right?"