Medical Genius Chapter 492

 Lin Mo looked at Xie Fang with cold eyes, "Are you looking for trouble?"

                As soon as Zhao Xin saw that the situation was not right, he hurriedly rounded up again, "Aiya, Lin Mo, why are you angry."

                "Xie Fang was just joking, you're a big man, you can't even afford a joke, right?"

                "We're all old classmates, why are you still angry when you say a few words?"

                A few other people also nodded their heads, "No, it's just a joke between classmates, what's the big deal!"

                "Oh, no wonder he can only clean toilets in the hospital, what kind of company would want a man with no temperament like that?"

                "Lin Mo, listen to my advice, men should not be too careful. Otherwise, even if you become a son-in-law at home, you will easily be driven away!"

                "Hahahaha ......"

                The crowd seemed to be advising, but in fact, they were all mocking Lin Mo.

                These people all knew about Xie Fang's relationship with Zhao Xin, so naturally, they all wanted to help Xie Fang.

                Xiao Wu's face turned blue: "Enough of you guys!"

                "Is this a joke?"

                "How can you insult someone's character like that?"

                "You guys ...... you've gone too far!"

                Xie Fang bristled, "Heh, since you can do it yourself, don't be afraid of what others say."

                "A caretaker who sweeps toilets, you don't even look at this occasion tonight, is it something you can come to?"

                "What kind of sense is it to come here and make a fool of yourself, instead of letting others talk about it?"

                "This kind of man, huh, is really superb."

                "I guess it's only your wife who can stand your kind of goods!"

                "As I see it, that wife of yours, she's probably a trash thing too ......"

                Lin Mo was completely furious and shot up, "Xie Fang, don't get ahead of yourself!"

                "Just because I don't want to get angry doesn't mean you can insult my wife at will."

                "Apologise now, or I will never forgive you!"

                Xie Fang was startled and her eyes immediately turned red: "Who are you ...... scaring?"

                "You think I will be afraid of you?"

                Zhao Xin's face was also chilly: "Lin Mo, what are you doing?"

                "We are all old classmates, what do you mean by slapping the table and red face?"

                "And you want to bully a female classmate?"

                "Don't you feel embarrassed yourself?"

                Several other people were also looking at Lin Mo intently, looking at the situation, as long as Lin Mo made a move, these people would immediately rush up and beat Lin Mo.

                She wanted to take advantage of tonight's incident to give Lin Mo a good beating.

                At that moment, the door to the room suddenly opened and Deng Jun walked in with a little girl in his arms.

                Zhao Xin's face changed greatly, and he hurriedly squeezed out a full smile to welcome him, "Oh, Mr. Deng, I've been hoping for the moon and stars, but finally you've come!"

                "Quickly, quickly, please come inside, please come inside, please take a seat."

                "Gentlemen, hurry up and ask Mr. Deng to take a seat."

                "Also, hurry up and ask the waiter to arrange it."

                "Mr. Deng, let's go inside."

                Zhao Xin nodded his head and welcomed Deng Jun in.

                Xie Fang and the others also got up and looked at Deng Jun with a flattering face.

                Zhao Yi Yi even hurriedly greeted him, "Aiyo, Brother Jun, you've gotten more and more handsome after not seeing you for a few years."

                "Such a cute little girl, it's your daughter, right?"

                "Aigoo, too cute, come, let auntie hug her."

                Nini shrank into Deng Jun's arms, timidly unwilling to let go.

                Zhao Yi Yi laughed, "This little girl, she's quite afraid of being born!"

                "It's so cute, Brother Jun, I like this little kid the most."

                "Come, come, let auntie hug you."

                Nini buried her head into Deng Jun's arms and simply didn't look at her.

                Deng Jun smiled, "Sorry, Nini is a bit shy."

                Zhao Yi Yi didn't feel embarrassed at all, covering her mouth and laughing, "Little girls are like that."

                "Just like when we were in school, I always thought you were quite handsome, but I was too shy at that time, I didn't even dare to tell you."