Medical Genius Chapter 490

 Xiao Wu was full of confusion and hesitated for a moment before whispering, "Class leader, I ...... am not very good at talking and not suitable for entertaining people."

                "How about, you let me sit next to Lin Mo."

                "This big boss, you guys can just entertain, I ...... I really can't entertain ......"

                Xie Fang frowned, "Xiao Wu, the class leader has arranged it, so you should listen to him."

                "Besides, this big boss is your friend, how come you can't greet him?"

                Xiao Wu was surprised, "What good friend?"

                Xie Fang smiled heatedly and said, "Deng Jun, do you remember?"

                Xiao Wu's eyes widened: "Deng ...... Deng Jun!?"

                "He's become a big boss?"

                Xie Fang was proud: "No, he is the most promising person in our class."

                "He's worth several hundred million, that's great."

                "When we were at school, you two were the best friends, so you must be the one to entertain him!"

                Xiao Wu froze for a moment and said, "At that time, I was actually with Lin Mo ......"

                Zhao Xin was a bit annoyed and directly interrupted him, "Alright, you can sit here."

                "Xiao Wu, the guest is at your disposal."

                "I called this reunion today, so you should stop tossing and turning."

                Xiao Wu scratched his head, "Then ...... how about I sit on Deng Jun's left and let Lin Mo sit on his right?"

                Xie Fang bristled, "What qualifications does he have to sit next to Brother Jun?"

                "We did put Zhao Yiyi on Brother Jun's right!"

                "Zhao Yi Yi, do you remember?"

                "Our class flower, the one Lin Mo used to have a crush on."

                "I'll tell you, Zhao Yi Yi and Deng Jun, that must be a perfect match!"

                The crowd laughed, they were not stupid and naturally understood what Zhao Xin's intention was with this arrangement.

                Xiao Wu's face turned pale, wasn't this a deliberate attempt to annoy Lin Mo?

                He was just about to say something, but Lin Mo said directly, "All right, Xiao Wu, sit down first."

                "Now that we've met, there's plenty of time to talk."

                Only then did Xiao Wu sit down, and didn't say anything else.

                All the people gathered around Xiao Wu and asked about Xiao Wu's recent situation.

                From these people's mouths, Lin Mo learned about Xiao Wu's situation.

                After Xiao Wu graduated, he was originally arranged by his family to work in a factory.

                Later, when Xiao Wu's mother fell ill, the family spent all their savings and finally got her back.

                However, the money the family had saved for Xiao Wu's wedding was also spent.

                At that time, Xiao Wu had to go out to work when the factory laid off its staff.

                Xiao Wu was an introvert and a bit of a coward, so he had to suffer a lot in the past few years.

                Looking at Xiao Wu's face, Lin Mo's eyes could not help but moisten.

                He had no idea that such a thing had happened to Xiao Wu's family.

                And the fact that he hadn't come running to Lin Mo for money even at the most difficult time was what was most touching.

                After chatting for a short while, another person walked in at the door, none other than Zhao Yi Yi.

                Zhao Yi Yi was dressed up in a fancy dress, and the clothes she wore were quite nude, so she had cleaned up a bit for the night.

                Zhao Yi Yi and Zhao Xin are still somewhat related, and when she learned from Zhao Xin about Deng Jun's prosperity, she became particularly concerned.

                The Wang Long she is now working with is actually a fancy man.

                He is a fancy man on the surface, but he doesn't have much money.

                When she found out that Deng Jun was worth several hundred million dollars, she immediately rushed here.

                If she hooked up with Deng Jun, she would be rich.

                If she hooked up with Deng Jun, she would be rich. Being a rich wife, she would be able to eat and drink for the rest of her life, which is much better than following a small person like Wang Long.

                Seeing Zhao Yi Yi, Zhao Xin immediately laughed, "Hahaha, our big beauty is here!"

                "Aiyo, you're still so pretty after not seeing her for so long!"

                The other men were also eager, after all, this was the class flower.

                Plus, Zhao Yi Yi had kept her dress up all these years, so it was still very attractive.

                Xie Fang had a sour expression on her face, after Zhao Yi Yi had arrived, she was directly ignored.

                Glancing at Lin Mo, Xie Fang's eyes flickered and she suddenly laughed, "Yi Yi, look who this is!"