Medical Genius Chapter 49-50

 Chapter 49

Xu Hanxia was furious: "On what grounds?"

                "Miss, this, your card, is the most common membership card we have here. According to the rules, you are allowed to eat here."

                "However, ordinary members, are required to provide convenience to senior members."

                "So, I still need to trouble the two of you to move your seats!"

                The waiter had an arrogant face, coming here, the ordinary membership card was the lowest level.

                Those sitting in the lobby were at least silver cards to start with.

                Even these waiters didn't really put ordinary members in their sights.

                "You have such rules here?" Xu Hanxia frowned, "How come I didn't know?"

                "It's an unspoken rule!" The waiter laughed, "After all, there are levels of membership, and naturally, there are rights that each level should enjoy!"

                Xu Hanxia said in a deep voice, "According to you, a senior member can expel a junior member at will?"

                The attendant said, "Generally, this will not happen."

                "However, if there is a conflict between a senior member and a low-level member, then we do have the right to help the senior member!"

                The crowd around them roared.

                "That's right!"

                "A senior member, should have the rights and benefits of a senior member. Otherwise, why would we upgrade our senior members?"

                "Oh, ordinary membership cards, how dare they come here to eat?"

                "They should just be allowed to sit outside and eat!"

                Wang Long smiled and walked over, "Beauty, actually you don't need to move your seat."

                "I'm a gold card member, let me treat you!"

                Xu Hanxia's face turned blue, this was too much of a bully.

                Of course, she was most angry at Lin Mo, why did he choose such a place to eat?

                Was this the kind of place they could come to?

                However, Lin Mo was unhurried, as if everything had nothing to do with him.

                He glanced at the waiter and said softly, "Are you sure that a senior member can expel a junior member at will? "

                The waiter had an arrogant look on his face, "It's not like I can expel them at will, but at least I can enjoy the treatment I deserve!"

                "Very well!" Lin Mo nodded in satisfaction as he swept his gaze over the crowd at the scene and suddenly bellowed, "Then I'll tell them all to get out!"


                The crowd exclaimed in shock and cursed angrily, "Who are you to do that?"

                "Damn, a low ranking member, how dare you say such arrogant words?"

                "Throw them out, throw them out!"

                The waiter also looked annoyed and said in a deep voice, "Sir, please watch your wording. Insulting our premium members, we can revoke your membership card at any time!"

                Zhao Yi Yi laughed out loud, "He has to have a membership card too before you can revoke it!"

                "Haven't you noticed? Only that woman has a membership card, he's just a softie, not a member!"

                The crowd burst into laughter.

                Xu Hanxia's face swelled red and she whispered, "Lin Mo, go!"

                "We don't need to go!" Lin Mo pulled Xu Hanxia back and laughed lightly, "It's them who should leave!"

                Xu Hanxia was annoyed, "Lin Mo, you ...... can't you stop embarrassing yourself!"

                Lin Mo calmly said, "Trust me, it's not us who are disgraced!"

                Xu Hanxia looked at Lin Mo in confusion, wondering where he got the confidence.

                Wang Long's eyes were fierce: "Why don't you get lost? I'll break your legs and throw you out!"

                The crowd followed suit, "Yes, throw them out!"

                "How dare you insult the senior members, do you know the difference between respect and inferiority?"

                "Today, Yixinxuan must give us a statement on this matter."

                "How can such a high-class place just let a dog come in and bark!"

Chapter 50

Xu Hanxia's face was blue, she felt so humiliated.

                "Please leave this place!" The waiter carried himself with arrogance: "Yipin Xuan, you are not welcome! Get out!"

                "Who dares to let them go!"

                A roaring voice suddenly came out, shaking the eardrums of the crowd.

                The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see a group of people hurriedly running over.

                At the head of the group was a man in a suit, who was none other than the manager of Yixin Xuan.

                When the crowd saw him, they greeted him with fawning smiles, "Hello, Manager Xie!"

                Wang Long's face was also immediately filled with smiles as he extended his hand to greet him, "Manager Xie, how are you?"

                As if he didn't see him, the manager Xie went straight to Lin Mo's table.

                The security guard ran at the front, he gasped and said excitedly, "Manager Xie, it's this gentleman's!"

                In full view of everyone, Manager Xie bent straight down and said respectfully, "Hello Mr. Lin, it's an honour to meet you!"

                The crowd froze at once.

                This Manager Xie was Huang Yongfeng's right hand man and a big shot.

                Normally, Manager Xie was mainly responsible for the affairs of Diamond Card members, and even Gold Card members were not qualified to meet him.

                Even those who dined in the lobby had to be polite and courteous when they saw Manager Xie.

                Now, Manager Xie was actually bending down and bowing in front of Lin Mo, what was the situation?

                Wang Long froze: "Manager Xie, have you made a mistake?"

                "This Lin Mo, is just a poor man, what do you ...... you honor with him?"

                "How dare you!" Manager Xie's face was cold and he said angrily, "Wang Long, watch your mouth!"

                "Mr. Lin is the holder of our Supreme Card here, if you treat him disrespectfully, we can revoke your membership card at any time!"

                "What?" Wang Long was confused.

                Wang Long's gold card was actually something he had gotten through a lot of connections, he didn't have the strength to do it himself.

                Just because he had the gold card here, Wang Long had not flaunted it outside a lot and had used it to pick up a lot of women.

                Once it was revoked, wouldn't that kill him?

                "There's a Supreme Card here?" Wang Long asked reluctantly, "How come I've never heard of it?"

                Manager Xie despised, "What kind of status do you have to be qualified to hear about these things!"

                "This Supreme Card, it was issued by our boss Huang Yongfeng himself."

                "It has the highest authority in any of the properties under my boss's name."

                The crowd exclaimed, none of them had ever heard of such a Supreme Card either.

                However, if Manager Xie personally said it, then it must be no lie!

                "This ...... this Supreme Card can't be a fake, right?" Zhao Yi Yi was unwilling: "He's just a poor man, what qualifications does he have to get the Supreme Card? He must have stolen it!"

                Manager Xie frowned and glanced at Zhao Yi Yi, "So far, my boss has only issued three Supreme Cards."

                "For each Supreme Card, there is identity verification. I've verified this card, and it is indeed Mr. Lin Mo Lin's!"

                "Huh?" Zhao Yi Yi stumbled and almost didn't sit down on the ground.

                How could she not understand what Lin Mo was capable of that he had obtained such a supreme card?

                Xu Hanxia was also at a loss, that membership card of hers was also something she had managed to get in the first place.

                When she used to receive important clients, she was able to use that membership card to come here to eat and have face.

                However, she was very clear about how difficult it really was to qualify for membership at Yi Pin Xuan.

                The old man of the Xu family, only managed to get a gold card by asking for connections.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, actually had a Supreme Card in his hand?

                How had he managed to get it?