Medical Genius Chapter 489

 Lin Mo also ignored these people's taunts, not to mention not wanting to explain so many things.

                These few people continued to chat about how to pull a friendship with Deng Jun later, while Lin Mo sat alone and drank tea.

                Suddenly, a text message came.

                Lin Mo took a glance at it, it was from Song Zhilan: "Mr. Lin, I have arranged for the person, when can you come?"

                Lin Mo thought for a moment and replied, "I'm attending a reunion, I'll go over when the evening is over."

                Putting away his phone, not long after, a man and woman walked in the door.

                The man was thin and had a lot of white hair at his temples, looking quite old.

                The woman was hugging the man's arm tightly, her smile was warm.

                Seeing this man, Lin Mo immediately smiled.

                This man, was Little Five.

                He stood up and wanted to go over to speak, but Zhao Xin ran over one step ahead of him.

                "Aiya, Xiao Wu, you're finally here."

                "I was saying, if you don't come again, I'll drive to pick you up."

                "Come, come, come, this way, please sit over here."

                Zhao Xin said, pulling Xiao Wu straight to the side of the main seat.

                Everyone else also got up and greeted Xiao Wu warmly.

                In fact, when he was at school, Xiao Wu was not so well liked in the class.

                The main reason was that Xiao Wu was an introvert and, moreover, had a weak temper. Therefore, in school, not to mention his friends, he was even often bullied by his classmates.

                He had a good relationship with Lin Mo Deng Jun because Lin Mo Deng Jun had helped him.

                Only, Lin Mo did not expect that Xiao Wu had turned into this state after not seeing him for a few years.

                Looking at the white hair at his temples, Lin Mo could imagine that Xiao Wu had not had a good time in these few years. Even, it should be very difficult!

                Xiao Wu was a bit at a loss for words, he didn't know Zhao Xin and the others well, and his relationship wasn't that good.

                Not many of these people, even, could call him by his name, they all followed Zhao Xin's lead and called out for Xiao Wu.

                However, this did not stop the crowd from chatting with him enthusiastically in the slightest. After all, Xiao Wu was extremely close to Deng Jun!

                If you get on good terms with Xiao Wu at this time, you will have something to talk about when you meet Deng Jun later!

                Xiao Wu managed to deal with the pleasantries of the crowd before looking at Lin Mo.

                "Lin Zi!"

                Xiao Wu's eyes were moist, this was true friendship!

                Lin Mo was also excited in his heart as he nodded and said, "Long time no see."

                The crowd was surprised, and Zhao Xin said curiously, "Xiao Wu, you ...... still remember Lin Mo?"

                Xiao Wu gave him a look, "I was at the same table as Lin Mo back then, how could I not remember?"

                The crowd was surprised and all gave Lin Mo a somewhat envious look.

                If Xiao Wu put in a good word in front of Deng Jun, then wouldn't Deng Jun be helping Lin Mo?

                This was really upsetting to the crowd!

                "Aiya, we're all old classmates, what's the point of discussing different tables together?"

                "Speaking of which, our two families are still family friends, hahaha."

                "Come, sit, sit down first!"

                Zhao Xin arranged with a smile.

                Xiao Wu hesitated for a moment and whispered, "Class leader, I ...... I'd better go over and sit with Lin Mo."

                "We haven't seen each other for a long time and want to have a chat."

                Zhao Xin's face changed slightly and he said somewhat awkwardly, "Xiao Wu, this seating arrangement tonight, there is something to be said for it."

                "Why don't we sit like this first, and then after we have eaten, you two can talk about it?"

                Xiao Wu was surprised, "What are the rules?"

                "I'm sitting with Lin Mo, can't we even do that?"

                Zhao Xin said helplessly, "Xiao Wu, you don't know, you have to sit next to the big boss of our class later."

                "This big boss, who is specifically running to you, has to be best entertained by you personally."

                "You go over and sit next to Lin Mo like this, how will that work?"

                Xiao Wu froze: "What ...... what big boss?"

                Zhao Xin harrumphed, "You'll know when you come later."

                "Just sit like this for now."