Medical Genius Chapter 487

 The crowd was overjoyed, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

                They had never come into contact with a billionaire before, and what's more, this was their classmate.

                If they could get a leg up and casually help them out, they would be able to soar to great heights in the future.

                "I really didn't expect that our class could still have a crouching tiger hiding a dragon, having produced such a capable old classmate!"

                Xie Fang exclaimed.

                The others also nodded, "No, who would have thought it?"

                "But then again, when I was at school, I thought this Deng Jun was not simple. Sure enough, he's made a fortune!"

                "You don't say, I remember, I think we were sitting at the table in front of each other at that time."

                "Really? So you two were close?"

                "Oh, of course, that's what we call table-mates!"

                Lin Mo sat next to them, listening slowly to their bragging.

                Xie Fang glanced at Lin Mo and wiped a hint of contempt across the corner of her mouth.

                "Lin Mo, why don't you go back first?"

                "It's really not appropriate for you to attend this reunion tonight."

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, "Why is it unsuitable?"

                Xie Fang sneered, "What do you think?"

                "Those who come here for the reunion are all well to do."

                "Not to mention our class president lord, that's the general manager of the company."

                "As for me, in our company, I'm also in charge of finance."

                "A few of them, they are either senior white-collar workers in the company, or self-employed."

                Several people in the room were all smug and glanced at Lin Mo disdainfully.

                Xie Fang picked up, "Also, Brother Jun now that's a big boss worth several hundred million dollars."

                "You say you're a toilet sweeper, running here, do you have anything in common with us?"

                "Lin Mo, I know what's on your mind, you want to come and find an opportunity to beg your old classmates for help, right?"

                "Alright, that's what's on your mind, we know."

                "We'll help you find some good jobs when we get the chance later, so you shouldn't be here to interfere with the reunion tonight."

                "When Jun comes, it's not as simple as eating, we'll have to go out singing or something later, and then it'll be hard to say how much that will cost."

                "Nowadays it's normal to spend tens of thousands of dollars a night to go out and sing a song."

                "When the time comes, one person will have to pay several thousand evenly, can you afford it?"

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed, this Xie Fang was also too dog-eyed.

                Just as he wanted to get angry, Zhao Xin suddenly waved his hand, "Aiya, Xie Fang, we are all old classmates, how can you talk like that?"

                "Lin Mo, don't be normal with her."

                "Actually, she's also doing it for your own good, she just doesn't speak in the right way."

                "The key to being a human being is to live within your means and know yourself."

                "It's not that we don't think of you as a classmate, it's just that we're spending too much money tonight, we don't need to do this."

                "How about this, I'll have the kitchen fry up some dishes later and you can pack them up and take them home."

                "We'll split the bill for you tonight!"

                Everyone laughed, and Xie Fang immediately said, "Class leader, you're still so righteous."

                "Lin Mo, why don't you quickly thank the class leader!"

                "The dishes in this Xing Long Restaurant are still good, just order a few, it's a few hundred!"

                Lin Mo's face was icy cold as he said in a deep voice, "That won't be necessary."

                "It's just a meal, I can still afford it."

                "Everyone, I still say that, money, I won't take a penny less!"

                Everyone's faces turned cold, and Xie Fang said angrily, "Lin Mo, don't be ungrateful!"

                "We are doing this for your own good, why are you biting the dog?"

                "You keep saying that you won't lose any money?"

                "Hmph, when it comes to the check, you immediately cry and say you don't have any money."

                "I've seen a lot of people like you, you're just the lowest of men!"