Medical Genius Chapter 486

 The crowd was even more surprised: "What kind of VIP?"

                "Negotiating tens of millions of dollars of business at once?"

                "Class president, you ...... are not kidding, right?"

                "There is such a crouching tiger hidden dragon big shot among our classmates?"

                Zhao Xin had a smug look on his face, "You guys don't know this, do you?"

                "Oh, let me tell you, there really is such a big shot among our classmates!"

                "Not only is he in charge of a big company now, but, in front of some big shots in the city, he still has a lot of say."

                "Not to mention this tens of millions of dollars of business, if we can get on good terms with him, there will be plenty of business to do in the future."

                The crowd was even more surprised, and Xie Fang said urgently, "Class leader, who exactly are you talking about?"

                "Don't give us a hard time, hurry up and tell us!"

                Several other people also looked straight at Zhao Xin.

                Zhao Xin laughed and said, "This student, you all know about him too."

                "He hasn't been in our class for long, but he's still our old classmate."

                Xie Fang said sharply, "Didn't attend our class for long?"

                "Then who is he? I don't remember anything about him!"

                Zhao Xin took a deep breath and said, "Deng Jun, do you still remember?"

                Lin Mo directly spewed out a mouthful of tea, the valuable guest that this group had invited was actually Deng Jun?

                Several people were confused by Lin Mo, Zhao Xin glared and said, "Lin Mo, what's wrong with you?"

                Lin Mo forced a smile, "Sorry, this tea is too hot."

                The crowd skimmed their lips, Xie Fang said, "Deng Jun? That name is familiar, but why can't I remember it?"

                One of the men said, "Hey, you don't say, I do remember a bit, it seems to be our classmate."

                "But we haven't attended any reunions in the past few years, have we?"

                "Class leader, how did you get in touch with him?"

                Zhao Xin smiled heatedly and said, "Deng Jun is now in charge of a big herbal company!"

                "Did you guys know? Right now in Guangyang City, 70% of the raw materials for medicinal herbs go from Deng Jun's company."

                "It can be said that Deng Jun is now the largest supplier of medicinal herbs in the entire Guangyang City, and the company's liquidity is all of the kind of several hundred million!"

                "My uncle's company is in the business of these medicinal materials."

                "Some time ago, I went to Deng Jun's company to talk about business, and as a result, surprisingly, I met Deng Jun there."

                "At that time, the person I met was just the manager of a small department below, but Deng Jun was the boss of that company."

                "Everyone in the company was very respectful to Deng Jun."

                "Do you know that? Even that department manager, who has been shouting at my uncle, is nodding and bowing in front of Deng Jun!"

                Everyone was shocked, and Xie Fang exclaimed, "No way?"

                "There's such a big shot among our classmates?"

                "Gosh, how come I've never heard of this?"

                Zhao Xin lamented, "Seriously, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have been able to believe it myself."

                "At the time, I also looked familiar, but honestly, I couldn't remember who it was for a while and didn't even dare to identify it."

                "Later, I went home and contacted some old classmates before I finally knew him."

                It dawned on the crowd, and Xie Fang said excitedly, "Would such a big shot really come to our reunion?"

                "Class leader, how did you invite him here?"

                Zhao Xin waved his hand, "Although it is said to be an old classmate, but seriously, I didn't know him well before, I went to invite him directly, that must not be good to invite him."

                "However, I heard from my former classmates that he was very close to Xiao Wu when he was at school."

                "It just so happens that Xiao Wu's parents know my parents, and Xiao Wu came back some time ago."

                "No, I took advantage of Xiao Wu's name and had this reunion before I dared to call him."

                "Hey, you don't say, as soon as he heard that Xiao Wu was coming, he immediately agreed to come over."

                "So, you guys have to treat this VIP well later."

                "If we treat him well, we'll all be able to benefit from him, too, understand?"