Medical Genius Chapter 485

 The crowd burst into laughter.

                Xie Fang glanced at Lin Mo: "Lin Mo, is what the class leader said true or not?"

                "Did you really go to the hospital to clean the toilets?"

                "Oh, we're all in the same class, why do you think you're getting worse and worse?"

                "So what if you're working as a caretaker, specifically cleaning toilets."

                "Can you not disgrace us old classmates?"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly and said softly, "Doing anything is work."

                "I don't steal or rob, I earn money with my hands, how is this disgraceful?"

                Xie Fang sneered, "You might as well steal and rob in this state!"

                "A young man in his twenties, with hands and feet, even if he goes to a construction site to move bricks, he can still earn a lot in a month."

                "How dare you go and clean toilets, you're really something!"

                Another male student immediately laughed, "Hey, you guys, if Zhao Yiyi knew that Lin Mo was sweeping toilets in the hospital, what would her expression be?"

                "Do you guys still remember?"

                "When Lin Mo was in school, he had a crush on our class flower Zhao Yi Yi."

                "At that time, the love letter Lin Mo wrote to Zhao Yi Yi was posted on the blackboard by Zhao Yi Yi, which was very interesting."

                "Now look, it's still the human Zhao Yi Yi who has an eye."

                Xie Fang laughed out loud, "Seriously, Zhao Yi Yi is really unlucky too."

                "As the class flower, to be secretly loved by such a person, it's disgusting to think about it."

                The crowd laughed again.

                Lin Mo's face turned cold as he said in a deep voice, "Everyone, I'm just here for a class reunion, do you have to taunt me like this?"

                Zhao Xin waved his hand, "Lin Mo, we're just old classmates meeting and joking around, you're still angry?"

                "Alright, since we're here, let's sit down first, big deal, let's squeeze in."

                "But, I'll say something ugly up front."

                "Tonight, we're all going to pay for this meal."

                "When the time comes, you'll have to share the cost equally, understand?"

                Xie Fang glanced at Lin Mo: "Lin Mo, you have to think clearly."

                "Tonight, the class leader is entertaining an honoured guest and has bought a few bottles of good wine."

                "The money for the drinks alone is more than ten thousand."

                "This meal will cost at least a thousand a person if it's shared equally, don't let us pay for you if you can't get the money!"

                Lin Mo frowned, "Don't worry about it, I won't miss a cent of your money!"

                Zhao Xin sneered, "That would be best!"

                "Since you're here, then you can sit down."

                Lin Mo walked in and prepared to sit inside.

                Zhao Xin waved his hand, "Where should I sit?"

                "Sit by the door!"

                "These seats are all occupied, you find your own place!"

                Lin Mo frowned, but eventually said nothing more and sat down at the door.

                This seat, honestly, was usually occupied by the person who paid the bill at the banquet, or the person with the lowest status.

                Obviously, in Zhao Xin's eyes, Lin Mo was the one with the lowest status.

                Zhao Xin and the others didn't care about Lin Mo and continued to talk and laugh together.

                "Class leader, I heard that you are now the general manager of the company?"

                "Aiyo, you've been promoted really fast."

                "When will you let me go and work under you?"

                "This company of mine now, it has no future at all!"

                Xie Fang half leaned on Zhao Xin and said sweetly.

                Zhao Xin wrapped one arm around Xie Fang and laughed loudly, "No problem."

                "I'll tell you what, if we get this reunion done tonight. Don't say follow me, I'll give you a promotion to manager if you come!"

                Everyone was surprised, "What's going on?"

                "Class leader, what did you get done?"

                Zhao Xin smiled smugly and laughed, "Tonight, I am mainly inviting a VIP."

                "Our company, wants to work with this VIP on a few projects. Once the deal is done, hehe, that can be a project of tens of millions of dollars."

                "At that time, I will really be reigning in the company!"