Medical Genius Chapter 484

 At half past five in the evening, Lin Mo arrived at the Xing Long Hotel first.

                He was so happy to finally meet Xiao Wu.

                Originally Lin Mo planned to ask Xu Hanxia to come with him, but the company had a board meeting in the evening and Xu Hanxia couldn't be bothered.

                The Xinglong Hotel is also a good hotel in Guangyang City.

                Lin Mo had previously contacted that the class reunion was organised by class president Zhao Xin.

                Zhao Xin is a native of Guangyang City and his family is in a better position.

                At that time, although he went to a vocational college, but in school, he simply looked down on other students who also went to vocational college.

                It was mainly his parents who helped him with his activities, and later he took his own undergraduate exams and had his undergraduate diploma.

                After graduation, he worked for two years in his own relatives' company.

                Later, when he became a deputy manager, he became even more eye-catching.

                In his circle of friends, there were only those students in his class who were doing well.

                As for those like Lin Mo, honestly, the two of them had no contact at all.

                Even, once when Zhao Xin went to the hospital and saw Lin Mo cleaning, he even pretended not to see him and walked past him.

                So, in the past few years, although Zhao Xin would organize several classmates' reunions every year.

                But in fact, he hadn't contacted Lin Mo even once.

                Today, when Lin Mo arrived early, Zhao Xin was sitting in a private room with a few classmates.

                When he saw Lin Mo, Zhao Xin immediately looked surprised: "Lin Mo, you ...... how come you're here?"

                Lin Mo: "Isn't tonight the reunion?"

                "So I came ah."

                Zhao Xin immediately looked at several other people, "Which one of you informed Lin Mo?"

                "Why didn't you tell me about it?"

                "Wouldn't it be crowded in the private room if it was like that?"

                Several other people looked at Lin Mo, as if they were blaming Lin Mo for not appearing suddenly.

                These few people, when they were in school before, were Zhao Xin's lapdogs.

                Later, after they graduated, they were all closer to Zhao Xin.

                Moreover, when they were in school, Lin Mo belonged to the more transparent kind, and these people really didn't have any good feelings towards Lin Mo.

                In their opinion, Lin Mo was just here to dabble in the food and drink of the reunion.

                Lin Mo didn't care about this, he knew that these people didn't treat him as a friend, and he didn't take these people seriously either.

                "Sorry for coming here without telling me."

                "How about we change to a bigger private room?"

                Lin Mo laughed.

                One of the women glanced at Lin Mo: "Lin Mo, do you know how much it costs to have a meal at Xing Long Hotel?"

                "For this private room, the minimum spending starts at three thousand."

                "It's only for the sake of our class president, they only give it from three thousand."

                "If it were anyone else, the minimum spend would be at least 3,500."

                "A bigger private room? You'll pay for the extra money?"

                The woman's name was Xie Fang, and she was Zhao Xin's concubine when she was at school.

                She was known to be sarcastic and mean, but I didn't expect that after graduating, she still hadn't changed at all.

                Lin Mo laughed: "It's just a matter of money."

                "It's alright, a classmate party is a happy thing, I'll pay for it."

                Zhao Xin directly brushed off his mouth, "You can pull the plug."

                "Lin Mo, it's not like we don't know about your situation."

                "Here is a large private room, minimum spending from five thousand."

                "You sweep the floors in the hospital, how many months' salary is enough for one meal?"

                A few people next to him immediately cajoled, "No way? Lin Mo is sweeping the floors of a hospital?"

                "Which hospital?"

                "Isn't sweeping the floor a job for the ladies?"

                Zhao Xin sneered, "You don't know that, do you?"

                "Our handsome brother Lin Mo sweeps the floors in the hospital!"

                "And it's not just sweeping the floor, he sweeps the toilets too!"

                "The last time I went to the hospital, I saw him sweeping the toilets with my own eyes."

                "I was accompanying a client at the time, and it was so embarrassing that I couldn't even tell anyone that this was my classmate, so I had to walk around."