Medical Genius Chapter 483

 The next day, Xu Dongxue went to buy a dress that Fang Hui had liked before, and had Huang Liang buy a few bottles of wine.

                After running home and softening her up, she finally made Fang Hui happy and finally stayed home again.

                Of course, in the past few days, they were a bit more honest.

                After what happened this time, they didn't dare to get any ideas about Lin Mo's house and behaved in a disciplined manner.

                Xu Hanxia was amazed, could it be that her sister had finally changed her character?

                If that was the case, that would be great!

                Lin Mo went to work at the hospital every day as usual.

                In the past, he was the only one in the office, so he had nothing to do all day.

                Now that there was an additional He Qianxue, for some reason, there were some more patients running in.

                These were not serious illnesses, and Lin Mo helped them out easily.

                But later on, Lin Mo found that the patients who came were not here for him, but for He Qianxue.

                Most of them were young boys, and their visits to the doctor were only secondary to their visits to see He Qianxue.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but laugh, but also ignored them.

                He didn't really have a good feeling about He Qianxue, however, He Qianxue had performed well during this period of time.

                If He Qianxue could take care of herself and find a good man to marry, Lin Mo would be happy for her.

                At noon that day, Lin Mo had just arrived at Xu's Pharmaceuticals when he saw Deng Jun standing at the entrance from afar.

                "Junzi, what's wrong?"

                Lin Mo said curiously.

                Deng Jun's expression was excited, "Lin Zi, tonight's reunion, are you coming to join?"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, when he was in school, he was a small transparency in his class.

                Moreover, because his family was poor, he had not been taunted and bullied much back then.

                This reunion was held every year, but Lin Mo had never attended.

                "Junzi, I won't be going ......"

                Lin Mo waved his hand.

                Deng Jun hurriedly said, "Don't be in a hurry."

                "If it was just a normal reunion, I definitely wouldn't be looking for you."

                "But this time, Little Five is coming to join us too!"

                Lin Mo's eyes immediately widened, "What?"

                "Xiao Wu?"

                "He ...... he's really coming to participate?"

                "Are you sure?"

                Deng Jun nodded his head repeatedly, "Very sure, the class leader called to inform him just now."

                "Moreover, Xiao Wu is getting married and might even bring his fiancee along!"

                "Lin Zi, this time, we both have to go, no matter what!"

                Lin Mo nodded his head vigorously, his eyes slightly red.

                When he was in school, he, Deng Jun and Xiao Wu were known as the Iron Triangle.

                The three of them always lived in the same dormitory and sat together.

                Xiao Wu was a bit of a coward and belonged to a different type from Deng Jun.

                However, if he treats you as a friend, he will really treat you with his heart and soul.

                At that time, Lin Mo's family was the poorest and often did not have enough food to eat.

                The parents of Xiao Wu are double-income earners and their family is in relatively good condition, so they invite Lin Mo to eat at least two days a week.

                Later, when Lin Mo's family had an accident, Xiao Wu had just joined the workforce not long ago, and gave all of his hard-earned 50,000 yuan to Lin Mo, not even a note.

                If it wasn't for Xiao Wu's 50,000 yuan, his sister Lin Xi would have been lost a long time ago.

                Lin Mo's heart was grateful to this brother to the extreme, but unfortunately, Xiao Wu later went out of town and did not return for three years.

                Lin Mo did not even have a mobile phone at that time, so the two gradually lost contact.

                The 50,000 yuan, Lin Mo has not been able to pay back, which has also become the biggest knot in Lin Mo's heart.

                Now that Xiao Wu had returned, then this reunion, Lin Mo would attend no matter what!


                "Where will the reunion be held?"

                Lin Mo said urgently.

                Deng Jun smiled, "Just this evening."

                "It'll probably be at six, but I have to pick up a batch of goods on my side at night, so I probably won't be able to go there until after seven."

                "It's at the Xing Long Hotel, you'll go there first then!"