Medical Genius Chapter 481

 Xu Hanxia said urgently, "Mom and Dad, what I said is true."

                "That's a gang of hooligans, what kind of friends are they?"

                "You'll know when you see them, they're not good people at all!"

                Xu Jian Gong was furious: "Shut up!"

                "You're going too far!"

                "Just the high end of friends you know?"

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that she stopped talking, she couldn't really argue with her parents about this.

                After eating, a few people went out and drove straight to the hospital.

                Before she left, Xu Dongxue called those people with a frown on her face.

                She said that Lin Mo was going to apologize and asked them to prepare.

                She had lost face in front of these friends the night before, so today she was specifically forcing Lin Mo to apologise, just to get back face.

                However, before the group could arrive at the hospital, Lin Mo received a call from Chen Shengyuan that the location of the watch had been found.

                Xu Jiangong attached great importance to the watch, and as soon as he heard that the watch had been found, without saying a word, he immediately turned his car around and ran to look for it first.

                Finally they arrived at a small shop where Tiger was already squatting outside with a group of people.

                "Mr Lin, my brother sent me here."

                "The watch is located in this shop."

                "Our men have snooped around, this shop usually takes in some high-priced stolen goods, and specialises in selling stolen goods to some thieves and thieves."

                "Probably, the watch was stolen and brought over to be sold here."

                Laohu said.

                Fang Hui's face changed, "So, we have a thief in our house?"

                Tiger said, "It's hard to say, let's go in and ask."

                "Find out who sold it, then we can find out."

                Fang Hui hurriedly said, "Then hurry up and go in."

                The crowd entered the shop, and the shopkeeper was a man in his thirties or forties.

                Seeing that the situation was not right, this shopkeeper immediately tried to slip away, but was directly pressed by a few of Tiger's men.

                As soon as he heard of Master Tiger's name on South Street, this shopkeeper immediately wimped out and took his watch out on the spot.

                "Master Tiger, I really didn't steal this watch, someone else brought it to sell me."

                "As you know, I ...... I usually do this kind of business, I really don't know that this watch is yours."

                "Otherwise, if I had the guts, I wouldn't dare to take it!"

                The shopkeeper cried.

                Xu Jiangong was extraordinarily surprised to see his watch and held it tightly in his hand.

                Fang Hui looked annoyed, "I ask you, who sold you this watch?"

                As she spoke, Fang Hui specifically glanced at Lin Mo, signalling for that shopkeeper to look at Lin Mo.

                Xu Hanxia was very uncomfortable, Fang Hui still suspected Lin Mo ah.

                The shopkeeper looked at Lin Mo blankly and scratched his head, "Auntie, the exact appearance, I can't describe it here."

                "However, I have surveillance in my shop, let me pull out the surveillance for you to take a look."

                The shopkeeper did some manipulation, and soon, the surveillance screen was transferred out.

                The crowd could see clearly that in the picture, it was a man in his twenties who came to sell watches.

                Once they saw this man, Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue's faces instantly became uncomfortable.

                Lin Mo keenly caught the two men's expressions and immediately said, "Huang Liang, this man, you know him?"

                Huang Liang's face swelled red: "I ...... I don't ...... I don't ......"

                Tiger suddenly said, "Huang Liang, speak responsibly!"

                "It would be too easy for me to find this person."

                "When the time comes, if he knows you and you say you don't, humph!"

                A word scared Huang Liang shivered and whispered, "I ...... I know ......"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face suddenly changed and the two said angrily, "Huang Liang, so ...... it turned out to be you who did it?"

                Huang Liang hurriedly said, "Mom and Dad, this ...... is not what I did ......"

                "This person I know, but the watch is not stolen by me ah!"

                "This man, Xue'er knows him too!"

                Fang Hui looked at Xu Dongxue indignantly, "What is going on?"

                Xu Dongxue panicked, "Mom, I don't know either."

                "He ...... he's my best friend's boyfriend, but he hasn't been to our house ah ......"