Medical Genius Chapter 480

 Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was all aghast.

                "And find this person?"

                Fang Hui wondered, she had actually always felt that it was Lin Mo who had taken the watch.

                Xu Dongxue bristled, "Hmph, it's strange if we can find it."

                "This is called a thief calling out to catch a thief!"

                "Let the thief catch the thief himself, can this be caught?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "Shut up, can you listen to Lin Mo finish his sentence first?"

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand, "Lin Mo, what is your solution to retrieve the watch?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "Dad, I've heard Mr. Nan say before that this watch comes with its own location, specifically for theft prevention."

                "As long as you contact the head office, you will be able to locate the watch."

                "It's not difficult to find this watch."

                Xu Jiangong's eyes widened in shock: "Really?"

                "Then ...... then hurry up and locate it, let's hurry up and get the watch back first ......"

                Lin Mo nodded: "I'll contact the shop and ask them to help locate it."

                "However, it will take some time."

                Xu Jiangong said joyfully, "It's fine, as much time as it takes."

                "As long as we can get it back, that would be best."

                Lin Mo ran to the inner room and contacted Chen Shengyuan, asking him to arrange this.

                Xu Hanxia had a feeling of raised eyebrows and said indignantly, "Xue'er, what else do you have to say now?"

                "I've said it all, this watch was definitely not taken by Lin Mo!"

                Xu Dongxue stammered a bit and bristled, "Who knows!"

                "Maybe he deliberately hid the watch somewhere and then found it again."

                "Mom and Dad, I don't care, let me be clear."

                "Huang Liang and I didn't take the watch, and if it was located out in our room, it has absolutely nothing to do with us."

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "It was found in your room, and it still has nothing to do with you two? Then who does it have to do with?"

                Xu Dongxue said in a cold voice: "Maybe some people deliberately hid it in our room to frame us!"

                Xu Hanxia was so angry that she couldn't speak, this Xu Dongxue, she was really capable of sophistry.

                Not long after, Lin Mo walked out, "It's been contacted, they are helping to locate it."

                "They'll get back to us once they have news!"

                Xu Jiangong was overjoyed, "Great."

                "Fine, it's fine if we can get the watch back, nothing else matters!"

                Fang Hui also nodded her head repeatedly, "Alright, alright, Xue'er, Hanxia, you two should stop arguing too."

                "Come on, let's eat breakfast first, we still have to go to the hospital to apologise to someone after breakfast."

                "Lin Mo, I'm telling you, after you go over there, say sorry to the person properly, do you understand?"

                Xu Hanxia looked annoyed, but in the end, she didn't say anything.

                Last night Lin Mo had said that he wouldn't apologise, Lin Mo himself should have made arrangements.

                Xu Dongxue, on the other hand, had a smug look on her face, "Lin Mo, did you hear me clearly?"

                "Apologise properly to someone, make sure you're sincere."

                "Remember, you also have to pay for the medical expenses."

                "After you go over there, give someone a bend and bow!"

                "Hmph, put away that brash look you had the night before."

                "If my friend doesn't forgive you, I'm not finished with you!"

                Xu Hanxia finally couldn't help herself: "You've had enough!"

                "A bunch of hooligans who don't do their jobs, do you really think they're the elite of society?"

                Xu Dongxue said angrily, "What did you say?"

                "You ...... dare to call my friends hooligans?"

                "Mom, did you hear that? That's how she insulted our client!"

                Fang Hui frowned and said discontentedly, "Hanxia, you need to put that temper to rest."

                "Don't talk like that when you go over there!"

                Xu Jiangong also nodded, "Hanxia, your sister is also worried about the pharmacy business."

                "Can you be considerate of her?"

                "How can you be such a sister?"

                "How can you insult Xue'er's friends like that?"

                "If they hear this, then won't Xue'er have no friends in the future?"