Medical Genius Chapter 471

 Xu Dongxue was also full of grimace and gritted her teeth, "Good, since my brother-in-law is so boozy, then let's have a good drink tonight."

                "Come, come, come, everyone drink well with my brother-in-law!"

                All the people were also in high spirits and gathered around them.

                They had all been beaten up by the tiger and were all very upset, so they wanted to take advantage of this incident to vent their anger.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "I've just finished drinking, it's that friend's turn to drink."

                "You finish your drink, let's continue!"

                The man just now had a black face, Lin Mo drank four pounds at once, how could he drink that?

                "Brother, I ...... I really can't drink ......."

                The man said in a trembling voice.

                Tiger was annoyed and pointed at the man and growled, "Damn, Mr. Lin has drunk, you don't drink, how about looking down on people?"

                "I tell you, you don't want to drink, you can also."

                "Come over here and let me break your dog's leg, then you can not drink, it's your choice!"

                The man's face went pale, but he eventually went over and picked up the basin full of wine.

                Taking a deep breath, he held the basin and poured it up, wanting to finish it quickly.

                However, he still underestimated the power of the white wine.

                After two sips, he couldn't take it anymore and ran to the side to vomit.

                The tiger asked someone to keep an eye on him and bring him back to continue drinking when he finished vomiting.

                In the end, the pot of white wine was poured in by the tiger's men with a pipe.

                The man fell to the ground unconscious, vomiting even worse than the god of wine had just done.

                The crowd looked on in a cold sweat, no matter who it was, they couldn't carry it off with so much wine.

                "Alright, next one."

                Lin Mo swept his gaze across the crowd and pointed at one of them, "You're it."

                The man almost pissed himself in fear and said urgently, "Big brother, why ...... why me?"

                Tiger was furious: "Mr. Lin said to let you drink, that's to give you face."

                "Get the hell out!"

                The man shivered and stood out, trembling, "Big brother, actually ...... actually I didn't say I wanted to drink with you ......"

                Tiger threw a slap directly at his face, "Just now I heard you say you wanted to drink, now you don't want to admit it?"

                "What, want to challenge my temper?"

                The man didn't dare to say a word.

                Lin Mo poured a full pot again, "Watch this, I'll drink first!"

                Tiger's eyes widened, he didn't expect that Lin Mo would drink like this.

                "Mr. Lin, this ...... is too ...... much ......"

                "You drink one, they just follow along with one ah ......"

                Tiger said urgently.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and waved his hand, "It's okay, a little wine is just a little, it's no big deal."

                After saying that, Lin Mo drank the pot again, all of it.

                After that, Lin Mo went to the toilet, nothing happened.

                However, the man opposite was miserable.

                Tiger had a few of his men hold him down on the ground, pry his mouth open with pliers and pour it in hard.

                When he squirted out, Tiger smashed one of his teeth out.

                The people around him shuddered as they watched, the tiger was so ruthless.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that they were a bit confused.

                Lin Mo had already drunk twelve pounds, how come he was not hurt at all?

                Wasn't he staggering and about to collapse just now? Why did he look more energetic now?

                They did not know that Lin Mo's staggering just now was a pretence to fool these people.

                They wanted to pour wine into Xu Hanxia, so how could Lin Mo spare them?

                Tonight, Lin Mo was going to help them stop drinking completely!

                Then, Lin Mo started drinking again.

                No matter the gender, no one was spared.

                If Lin Mo drank four pounds, the other party would have to drink four pounds.

                And what Lin Mo drank, was directly forced out by his internal force.

                What the other party drank was really four catties of white wine, who could stand it?

                In the end, the room fell to the ground, and no one was spared.

                And Lin Mo was still laughing and smiling, his face was calm, nothing happened.

                Xu Dongxue and Huang Liang were both dumbfounded.

                Lin Mo had drunk more than a hundred pounds, right?

                Why did he look as if he hadn't drunk anything?