Medical Genius Chapter 470

 Several people were silent, not daring to say a word.

                Who dared not take 20,000 when Tiger told them to take 20,000 each?

                "It seems that you have no more comments?"

                "Then it's settled, the money must be in the account by the end of the night."

                "Also, now you bastards, go and bring down that bed upstairs."

                "This bed, consider it sold to you guys, deal with it yourselves!"

                Tiger said loudly.

                Several people looked at each other and no one acted for a while.

                Tiger got annoyed again, "Damn it, didn't you hear what I said?"

                "Do I have to loosen your bones?"

                Only then did a few of the men scramble into action, running upstairs and moving the bed downstairs with all hands and feet.

                The ones who had entered that room were four pairs of men and women.

                All four women were whimpering and telling the men to find a way to fix the money.

                The four men, on the other hand, had black faces. Two of them had money and were able to come up with the 20,000.

                But the remaining two, whose pockets were cleaner than their faces, could not come up with 20,000.

                After taking the bed out, they immediately started to beg for money.

                No one dared to turn a deaf ear to Tiger's words!

                Tiger asked the masters to move the new beds upstairs to the room.

                As they watched the new bed being set up, they were all filled with shock.

                This was a bed worth almost two million dollars!

                When the master set it up, the crowd really knew why the bed was so expensive.

                Other than that, the speaker effect of the two headboards alone was simply shocking to the extreme.

                It was really worth the price!

                When everything was arranged and the people went downstairs, those people sneaked out and tried to sneak away.

                Lin Mo directly stopped them, "Everyone, don't rush off."

                "We haven't finished our wine yet."

                "Aren't you all going to drink with me?"

                "Come on, come on, carry on!"

                Tiger didn't know what was going on and was annoyed when he whispered an enquiry.

                He often hung out in nightclubs, so of course he knew what these people had in mind.

                With so many people dunking Lin Mo alone, it was clear that they wanted to take Lin Mo down.

                "You bastards, you're really fucking tired of living!"

                "How dare you dunk Mr. Lin?"

                "You want a drink, don't you? Come on, I'll drink with you!"

                "I'll get my brothers to come and drink with you!"

                Tiger said angrily.

                The group of people were trembling in fear, if Tiger really brought people over, then they would have to drink themselves to death here.

                Especially Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue, the two of them had seen Tiger's tactics before.

                They let that group of punks, finish the wine in the restaurant, and all those people were sent to the hospital at that time.

                Xu Dongxue immediately looked pitifully at Xu Hanxia: "Sister, these are my friends, you ...... you just think of it as giving me face ......"

                Xu Hanxia said coldly, "When they were dunking Lin Mo just now, why didn't you give me face?"

                Xu Dongxue was dumbfounded, this matter, too, was provoked by them, who could be blamed for this?

                At this moment, Lin Mo spoke up, "Tiger, there's no need to be so troublesome."

                "They said they want to drink with me, so I'll drink with them."

                "You stay here and keep an eye on them for me, don't let them get away."

                "Also, they have to drink as much as I drink."

                "Don't let them cheat!"

                Laohu couldn't help but stare, these 20 to 30 people, how much of a loss would you have to suffer if you went and drank with them alone?

                "Mr. Lin, this ...... is this going to work?"

                "How about I drink for you?"

                Tiger said in a low voice.

                Lin Mo waved his hand: "No, it's just a little wine, what's the big deal!"

                "Come on, continue."

                "Let's do it one by one, as much as I drink, you guys drink!"

                The crowd glanced at each other, their expressions all became somewhat joyful.

                If Lin Mo really drank with them alone, then they were rather less afraid.

                After all, there were twenty to thirty of them, and Lin Mo was only one.

                If one person drank half a catty with Lin Mo, that would be more than ten catties, would Lin Mo be able to hold up?