Medical Genius Chapter 469

 Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue were shocked, these people didn't know the identity of the tiger, but the two of them did.

                Tiger, that was someone they could never afford to mess with!

                Without waiting for the tiger to speak, Huang Liang hurriedly said, "Oh, Master Tiger is asking you something, so you should answer honestly!"

                "Master Tiger, they have eyes that don't know the mountain, you mustn't take it to heart."

                The group of people were all full of amazement, confused as to why Huang Liang was so fearful of the tiger.

                "Huang Liang, what are you doing?"

                "This is just a small manager of Xu Hanxia's company."

                "This kind of lapdog who only flatters his boss, why do you care about him?"

                The tattooed man bristled.

                Huang Liang was almost scared silly, who dared to talk to Master Tiger like that?

                "You ...... you shut up quickly!"

                "What little company manager, I tell you, this is Master Tiger!"

                "Have you heard of the name of Master Tiger on South Street?"

                "Who dares not give face to Master Tiger in Guangyang City?"

                "Why don't you quickly apologize to Master Tiger!"

                Huang Liang said sharply.

                The tattooed man's face changed sharply, the name of Master Tiger on South Street, of course he had heard of it.

                "Huang Liang, don't be ridiculous."

                "How could Master Tiger of South Street come here?"

                The tattooed man's voice shivered a little.

                Xu Dongxue gritted her teeth and said, "Who's joking with you, this is really the South Street Tiger Master!"

                The tattooed man's legs went limp and he almost fell to the ground.

                "Tiger ...... Tiger ...... Master Tiger, I ...... I have eyes that do not know Taishan ......"

                "You are magnanimous, spare ...... spare me once ......"

                The tattooed man shivered and said.

                All the people around were also scared and pale, and they were all silent.

                The tiger glanced at the tattooed man and said in a cold voice: "I'll ask again, who actually entered the room just now!"

                The crowd looked at each other, and still no one answered.

                The tiger's face turned cold: "No one answered, right?"

                "Fine, then I will assume that you all entered that room!"

                At this, the crowd panicked and a woman said urgently, "Master Tiger, I ...... have not been in that room. ......"

                The tiger said angrily, "If you didn't enter, then who did?"

                The woman stammered, and only after a long time did she whisper, "I don't know who has entered, but ...... but I really haven't ......"

                The tiger broke into a curse, "You can't say who has been in, so I'll assume you've been in."

                The woman's face changed sharply and she suddenly said, "I ...... know who has been in, several of them have been ......"

                The woman pointed to a few people, and these people immediately cursed.

                The woman also did not show any weakness, arguing loudly with them, and the room suddenly became a mess.

                The tiger was furious: "Shut the fuck up!"

                "I'm giving you all a chance now, anyone who has been in that room, come forward automatically."

                "Otherwise, let me investigate later, humph, I'll break his dog legs first!"

                At this, the crowd did not dare to speak.

                One after another, a few people came forward, and these were all people who had entered that room.

                Some of them were still a bit hesitant, but in the end they all came forward honestly, they were really afraid of the tiger.

                The tiger glanced at the crowd, "Just a few of you have been in that room?"

                "Do you know that you have all polluted that room."

                "This bed was changed tonight because you guys were messing around in there."

                "So, that bed upstairs, that has to be on you."

                "That bed, it was bought for about 170,000."

                "You guys split it evenly, almost twenty thousand a head."

                The guys got anxious and yelled, "What's the basis for this ......?"

                "We just went in and sat down, and we have to pay so much money, this ...... is unreasonable ......"

                "This is not an open robbery ......"

                Tiger said angrily, "You rubbish, messing around in other people's rooms, don't you have to pay something?"

                "On what basis? On the basis that this is what Laozi says!"

                "I'm telling you, if you don't get this money tonight, none of you will be able to leave!"