Medical Genius Chapter 466

 Those people who originally dared not drink with Lin Mo, seeing such a situation, all felt that their chance had come.

                Lin Mo had reached his limit, so drinking with him now would not be a victory.

                Therefore, the crowd immediately gathered around and said, "Mr. Lin, I'll drink to you!"

                "Mr Lin, let's drink one!"

                "You're only drinking with him alone and not with us, aren't you not giving us face?"

                "You're so massive, let's drink a few."

                The crowd shouted, all wanting to take this opportunity to drown Lin Mo.

                Xu Hanxia got anxious: "You guys ...... you don't go too far!"

                "He just drank so much, and you guys still let him drink?"

                Xu Dongxue gritted her teeth, "Sister, I won't say anything else, but this matter, I must say."

                "Lin Mo said it himself just now, not drinking is not giving him face."

                "Now, when everyone comes to toast him and he doesn't drink, isn't that wrong?"

                "He can't disobey what he said himself, can he?"

                Xu Hanxia was extremely angry, this Xu Dongxue was just trying to pit Lin Mo to death.

                Lin Mo waved his hand and said, "It's fine, I ...... I'll drink with them."

                "Hanxia, don't worry, it will be fine."

                Xu Hanxia still wanted to speak, Lin Mo quietly winked at her.

                Xu Hanxia was surprised, Lin Mo what is this situation? Can he really still drink?

                "I'm going to go to the bathroom first, is that okay?"

                Lin Mo smiled.

                "No problem, I'll go with you!"

                A few men yelled, they were worried that Lin Mo would cheat.

                In fact, Lin Mo had only urinated once.

                After coming out, Lin Mo looked at the crowd, "Whoever wants to drink with me, sign up first."

                "If you don't sign up this time, you won't drink!"

                The crowd immediately shouted, they were trying to kill Lin Mo, everyone wanted to drink with him.

                Even Xu Dongxue, was also yelling to drink.

                Lin Mo smiled: "It looks like everyone wants to drink, so fine, let's do it one by one."

                "Same old rules, drink from this basin."

                "How much I drink and how much you all drink, does everyone have a problem with that?"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "You drink first, one by one?"

                Lin Mo nodded, "That's for sure!"

                Xu Dongxue and the crowd looked at each other and nodded, "Good, let's do it!"

                They felt that even if Lin Mo was a strong drinker, he would have to fall down after this pot, after all, it was eight pounds.

                Xu Hanxia was anxious in her heart, but looking at Lin Mo's confident look, she didn't say anything in the end.

                Lin Mo pointed at one of the men, "You shouted the most just now, how about we both drink first?"

                The man was a bit flustered, but with so many people staring at him, he still nodded stiffly: "Sure, who's afraid of who!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly and poured in four bottles of white wine again, and drank them all in one go in full view of everyone.

                The crowd looked at Lin Mo, originally hoping that Lin Mo would fall down.

                However, when they finally finished drinking, Lin Mo was all right, and the crowd was desperate, especially the man.

                If Lin Mo had finished drinking, wouldn't he have to drink this pot?

                Looking at Lin Mo pouring the whole pot, the man immediately said, "Brother, I ...... I won't drink it okay ......"

                "I know I'm wrong, I shouldn't drink with you, please spare me once ......"

                Lin Mo sneered, "What do you think?"

                The man's face changed sharply and he suddenly turned around and ran.

                He had to be sent to the hospital after this pot of drink.

                The crowd saw this and also wanted to look and slip away, because they found that Lin Mo's drinking capacity, unfathomable ah.

                Who knows, just as he reached the door, he heard a knock on the door from outside.

                Lin Mo followed him straight over, grabbed the man by the collar and wrestled him back into the house.

                Opening the door to the room, he only saw Tiger running in with a sweaty head, followed by a group of people.

                "Mr. Lin, the bed has been bought and put in your room on the first floor?"

                Tiger panted, looking like he had run over.