Medical Genius Chapter 465

 Xu Dongxue was dumbfounded by the scolding, she had never dreamed that Lin Mo would yell at her like that.

                She did not know that Lin Mo was holding his anger.

                It was fine for these people to pour wine on him, but to pour wine on Xu Hanxia was going too far.

                Lin Mo was not a fool, these people must have had bad intentions when they poured Xu Hanxia.

                And at that time, Xu Dongxue was still helping out, so how could he not be angry?

                He had to give face to Xu Jiankong Fang Hui, but that didn't mean he also had to give face to Xu Dongxue Huang Liang.

                Normally, for other things, Lin Mo could leave them alone.

                However, this time, the matter had touched his bottom line, so how could he be polite?

                After a moment of silence, Xu Dongxue immediately spilled the beans, "Lin Mo, you dare to yell at me?"

                "Have you forgotten that you are eating at my house!"

                "Eat at my house, live at my house, you ...... you ...... you soft-earned loser, how dare you treat me like this?"

                "Believe it or not, I'll call my parents and have them come back to clean you up!"

                Huang Liang even shouted, "Lin, how do you talk to my wife?"

                "These are all my friends, what do you want!"

                "You think I ......"

                Not waiting for him to finish, Lin Mo grabbed the bottle and smashed it directly on Huang Liang's head.

                Huang Liang covered his head and fell to the ground, bleeding by the hand.

                Xu Dongxue let out a scream and hurriedly jumped over to help Huang Liang up, "Husband, husband, how are you doing?"

                "Lin Mo, are you crazy?"

                "I ...... want to call the police to arrest you!"

                Xu Hanxia did not show any weakness and immediately said, "Fine, you call the police!"

                "If you call the police, I will say that you are trespassing into my house and bringing people to try to rob me!"

                "My husband was defending himself, Xu Dongxue, if you really tear your face off, I'll put you in jail with me!"

                Xu Dongxue was confused and said urgently, "Sister, I ...... am your own sister!"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "You still have the face to say that?"

                "Just now they wanted to pour me alcohol, you didn't even stop, now you talk to me about my own sister?"

                "Xu Dongxue, I'm telling you."

                "Be honest with me about this today."

                "Otherwise, even if I fall out with my parents, I won't let Huang Liang run the construction company, nor will I let you meddle with the pharmacy!"

                Xu Dongxue was startled and really didn't dare to yell anymore.

                She knew Xu Hanxia's temper, and if Xu Hanxia really got angry, then even her parents wouldn't be able to argue with her.

                Lin Mo looked at the Wine God and said in a cold voice, "Are you going to drink these four bottles, or am I going to smash all four of them on your head?"

                The Wine God looked embarrassed, he could see that if he didn't drink today, then he really wouldn't be able to get out.

                In the end, he could only pick up that basin with a sad face and drink little by little.

                After drinking less than half of the basin, he ran to the toilet and threw up.

                However, Lin Mo didn't care that much.

                After throwing up, he was allowed to drink again.

                In this tub of wine, he vomited four times and ended up vomiting blood.

                But, in the end, Lin Mo still forced him to finish all the wine.

                Of course, Lin Mo was also taking care not to let him die. However, after drinking this time, a serious illness would be inevitable.

                Moreover, for the rest of his life, he probably wouldn't drink again.

                The people around them were all pale as they watched this.

                They had originally wanted to pour Lin Mo over, but who would have thought that instead, it would be their own God of Wine who would fall.

                Looking at the Wine God who collapsed to the ground, the scene was silent and no one dared to speak.

                At this moment, Lin Mo took a step back, as if his legs were a bit weak, and stumbled a little.

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly held him up and said urgently, "Lin Mo, how are you?"

                Lin Mo's face was flushed, and he looked as if he was drunk, waving his hands repeatedly.

                The crowd also breathed a sigh of relief, so it seemed that Lin Mo had also reached his limit.

                Xu Dongxue was furious, gritting her teeth, and quietly winked at her friends, telling them to take this opportunity to continue pouring wine.