Medical Genius Chapter 463

 Xu Hanxia was furious: "You're not toasting, you're simply filling people up!"

                "Lin Mo, let's not drink anymore!"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "Sister, that's not right."

                "It's not like Lin Mo is the only one drinking this wine, isn't he also drinking it?"

                "How much did Lin Mo drink and how much did they drink, and they drank first, how can this be considered as filling someone up?"

                "It's like that when you're drinking."

                "People are giving you a toast, that's respect, how can you say that?"

                The crowd around them all followed suit, shouting that if Lin Mo didn't dare to drink, he would kneel down and kowtow or something like that.

                In any case, all kinds of provocative methods were used, and today these people were just trying to get Lin Mo down.

                Xu Hanxia was furious, she had known for a long time that Xu Dongxue was not well intentioned, but she never thought that they would use such a despicable method.

                This time, if Lin Mo didn't drink, he would really be ashamed of himself.

                Lin Mo gently patted Xu Hanxia and said aloud, "This cup, it doesn't fit!"

                The Wine God immediately sneered, "What? Wimped out?"

                "If you're scared, just say so and I'll change your cup to a smaller one."

                Lin Mo shook his head, "I mean, this cup is too small."

                "Let's change to a bigger one!"

                The crowd were all stunned, this cup was half a catty, and Lin Mo still thought it was too small?

                You want to drink from a different pot?

                The God of Wine was also a bit stunned, then he became angry, "What, bluffing, trying to scare me?"

                "I'm not afraid to tell you, I dare to drink with you in any size cup, the key is whether you dare to drink!"

                Lin Mo laughed: "In that case, then let's change to a bigger one, you wait for me!"

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly pulled Lin Mo: "Lin Mo, you ...... you don't want to be brave ......"

                "Drinking like this, that's going to kill people!"

                Lin Mo lightly smiled: "It's okay, don't worry, I have it in my heart!"

                Walking into the kitchen, Lin Mo took two basins out.

                When the crowd at the scene took a look, they were all in an uproar.

                This basin must have contained at least three pounds?

                "Lin Mo, are you crazy?"

                Xu Hanxia said anxiously, was this the time to show off and fight with someone?

                These were all strong wines, even half a catty was unbearable.

                Drinking three catties of it would kill you!

                He was nicknamed the God of Wine, but it also depended on the quantity.

                If he drank more than three catties, he wouldn't be able to handle it.

                But he had already drank some before, so if he drank another three catties now, wouldn't that be a death sentence?

                Was this Lin Mo trying to fight for his life? Who could bear to drink like this?

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "It's alright, he may not dare to drink with me!"

                Hearing these words, the God of Wine was instantly enraged.

                "Damn it, playing this bluff with me?"

                "You think I'm afraid of you, huh?"

                "What's wrong with this basin? I'll drink it as it is!"

                "But I'll say it up front, you chose this pot, you have to drink it first."

                "Otherwise, if I drink it and you renege on it, it'll be no fun!"

                The God of Wine yelled.

                The crowd around him shouted along with him, "That's right."

                "You chose the vessel, you have to drink first."

                "Drink if you dare, if you drink, we'll drink!"

                "Oh, trying to scare people with a basin?"

                "Do you really think everyone else is stupid and let you scare them with this little thing?"

                Xu Dongxue also sneered, "Lin Mo, you've learned to bluff now?"

                "You remind me of a kind of dog, do you understand?"

                "As the saying goes, a dog that will bite is one that doesn't bark."

                "Like you, the more you bark, the more incompetent you are instead."

                "Take a basin? It's not that I'm looking down on you, fill it with beer and you might not even be able to drink it!"

                Lin Mo calmly said, "Don't worry, there will be white wine in here."

                "And, I'll drink it first."

                "However, I'll say something ugly in front."

                "You have to drink as much as I drink."

                "If you don't drink, you won't get out of this house!"