Medical Genius Chapter 461

 Huang Liang ran downstairs and gathered all the few people who could drink together and told them about it.

                These people also agreed at once and agreed immediately.

                "Damn, this son of a bitch, he's just a soft-boiled loser. How dare he shout at us, he should be taught a lesson."

                "Huang Liang, that's a good idea, there are so many of us, we'll definitely drink him to death!"

                "What's the need for so many people? I can drink him to death all by myself!"

                "Yes, yes, let our god of wine take the stage, fill him up with tablets and then strip naked and throw him on the street, it'll be fun then."

                "Hahahaha, that's a good suggestion ......"

                Amidst the laughter of the crowd, a lewd looking man suddenly said, "How about filling Xu Hanxia up as well?"

                The crowd's eyes lit up, if they dunked Xu Hanxia as well, wouldn't they be taking advantage of the situation tonight?

                Huang's heart flashed, he had long had an idea for Xu Hanxia.

                If he could take this opportunity to knock Xu Hanxia out and take advantage of it, wouldn't that be two birds with one stone?

                Of course, after getting Xu Hanxia down, he also had to get Xu Dongxue down as well, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to get his way.

                Thinking of this, Huang Xin felt even more urgent and immediately said, "Let's do it, first dunk Lin Mo!"

                "Brothers, just now that kid even dared to hit us, he is looking down on us."

                "This is my own brother-in-law, I'm too embarrassed to really clean him up."

                "We'll give him a toast later, and we'll go soft. Hmph, when he's drunk, we'll take revenge!"

                When everything was arranged, Huang Liang asked Xu Dongxue to call Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia down.

                Xu Hanxia originally didn't want to come down, but she couldn't resist Xu Dongxue's soft approach, saying that her friend wanted to apologise to her.

                If Xu Hanxia didn't come down, it would be a disgrace to her friend and she would have to follow suit.

                In the end, Xu Hanxia and Lin Mo went downstairs and found the gang all sitting in the living room, smiling and waiting for Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia.

                As soon as the two arrived, the guy who was known as the God of Wine immediately got up and came to Lin Mo with a large glass of wine.

                "Mr. Lin, Mr. Xu, I'm really sorry for what happened just now."

                "We did get a bit rowdy and did things a bit too much."

                "I am here to say sorry to you both."

                "This cup of wine, I toast you both!"

                After speaking, this Wine God directly drank the wine in his cup in one go.

                This was a large glass of wine, a lot of wine, and an average person would have to drink it several times.

                But he drank it in one gulp, without changing his face, and immediately won the applause of the surrounding crowd.

                At this moment, someone next to him immediately came over with the same two glasses of wine.

                "Mr. Lin, Mr. Xu, please!"

                The Wine God smiled.

                Lin Mo frowned, such a large glass of wine, this was not an apology, this was clearly to find trouble.

                "Sorry, my husband doesn't drink."

                "Your thoughts, we appreciate it!"

                Xu Hanxia immediately said.

                God of Wine: "Mr Xu, this is a bit ungrateful of you to do so."

                "I've drunk all my wine, so you all have to drink more or less too."

                "If you don't drink this, then aren't you just not giving me face?"

                The crowd around us all followed suit: "Yes, they've already drunk, why shouldn't you?"

                "How can you be so arrogant when you're the boss and don't take others into account?"

                "Other people's faces are not faces, they don't give any face, is there such a person?"

                "Is this a question of drinking or not? It's a matter of manners!"

                "Can a door-to-door son-in-law not know how to be polite?"

                The crowd kept using agitating methods to force Lin Mo to drink.

                Xu Hanxia looked embarrassed and said in a deep voice, "But my husband never drinks, so you are not forcing him to do so!"

                The God of Wine said slowly, "There is a first time for everything, if you drink this time, won't you drink in the future?"