Medical Genius Chapter 460

 Xu Dongxue did not expect Lin Mo to be so angry and panicked for a moment.

                She could use her parents to scare Lin Mo, but she didn't know that Lin Mo also had a bottom line.

                There were some things that Lin Mo did not care about and could put up with.

                But there were things that touched the bottom line that could not be tolerated!

                Xu Dongxue's mouth was open and she didn't know what to do, at this moment, Huang Liang came over, "Aiya, they are all family members, why do we have to make such a scene?"

                "It's fine, it's fine, the family room, it's the same if you go to another room."

                "Brother-in-law, don't be angry either, I'll let them go down now."

                "Go, go, go, let's go to the other room."

                The pair reluctantly went away.

                Xu Dongxue said angrily, "Alright, the room is now returned to you, you can go in and stay there!"

                "Stingy, it's just a room, how can it be broken?"

                "In my life, I've never seen such stingy people like you!"

                Xu Hanxia was furious, if you're not stingy, why don't you vacate your own room?

                Closing the door, Xu Hanxia looked at the messy bed and said angrily, "This ...... how else can you sleep here?"

                "I don't even know how many people are in the bed, what kind of people are these ...... people?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "It's okay, don't want this bed, I'll have Tiger send another bed over later."

                Xu Hanxia said anxiously, "Aiya, Lin Mo, it's so late, you don't want to trouble the tiger."

                "Besides, this bed is quite expensive, just ...... throwing it away like this is not suitable, right ......"

                Lin Mo: "Halfsia, this is where you sleep, never allow anyone to defile it."

                "Don't worry, the tiger doesn't sleep that late, he's most energetic at night."

                Listening to Lin Mo's words, Xu Hanxia's heart was sweet.

                No matter what, Lin Mo was really doting on her to the max.

                "It's better not to bother the tiger, let's make do on the sofa over here at night."

                "Tomorrow, let's go pick out a nice bed again."

                "Besides, it's so late, where are we going to buy a bed?"

                Xu Hanxia said.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "It's alright, this kind of thing, Tiger definitely has a solution."

                With those words, Lin Mo sent a message to Tiger.

                Tiger's side also replied in seconds, "No problem, it will be delivered within half an hour!"

                Xu Hanxia read the text message and said in shock, "Half an hour?"

                "Where is he going to buy a bed?"

                "It's not like he's sending his own bed to his house, right?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "Don't worry, although Tiger looks big and thick, he has absolutely no problem doing his job!"

                On the other side, Xu Dongxue said angrily, "Husband, do you think this Lin Mo is crazy?"

                "For such a trivial matter, is it necessary to yell at me like this?"

                "I really wanted to fight him just now I!"

                "What the hell, daring to speak to me like that!"

                Huang Liang laughed, "Come on, Xue'er, what's the point of messing with him like that?"

                "It's his name on this property deed, of course he's rampant with ambition now!"

                "When Mom and Dad change the name on the property deed later, then he won't be able to jump around anymore."

                Xu Dongxue gritted her teeth and said, "I'm sure we'll have to change the name, but I just can't swallow this anger!"

                "What is he, a loser who eats my family's food, who is he to yell at me?"

                Huang Liang glanced at Xu Dongxue and whispered, "Xue'er, how about I help you take revenge?"

                Xu Dongxue was surprised, "How can I take revenge?"

                "Find a few people to beat him up?"

                "I'm afraid that's not suitable, right? That tiger, he's quite close to him ......"

                Huang Liang smiled, "Don't worry, no need to beat him up."

                "I'll find some friends later and go up to give him a toast."

                "This kid doesn't drink, in a while you can persuade him to drink a few glasses even if you're next to him."

                "Hmph, when he's drunk enough, then we'll clean him up properly, that'll be it!"

                Xu Dongxue's eyes lit up and she immediately nodded, "Good idea, let's do that!"

                "Later on, when he's drunk, I'll have to smack his face!"