Medical Genius Chapter 456

 A group of men scrambled over to Xu Hanxia's side.

                Xu Hanxia did not expect these men to look like this, and was so frightened that she backed up.

                Lin Mo took a step forward and blocked in front of Xu Hanxia, saying in a deep voice, "That's enough!"

                "All of you get out of here, or else don't blame me for being unkind to you!"

                These people were all startled, the crowd had seen what had just happened when the burly man had been beaten.

                The crowd looked at each other, and a man at the head of the crowd said loudly, "We are talking to this beautiful woman, what does it have to do with you?"

                Lin Mo said angrily, "I am her husband, do you think it has anything to do with it?"

                The crowd burst into laughter, and the man at the head of the group said loudly, "Is a son-in-law at home also considered a husband?"

                "You're just a loser who comes to her house to eat soft food, she can kick you out whenever she finds someone better."

                "Look at you, you're such a loser, and you're telling us to get out?"

                "Damn it, believe it or not, we'll kill you first!"

                A group of people behind him came around aggressively, and one of the people standing at the back even kicked Lin Mo directly.

                Lin Mo dodged it sideways, grabbed the man's neck with his backhand and lifted him up.

                The crowd was shocked, knowing that this man weighed at least a hundred and six.

                Lin Mo lifted him up as if he was lifting a doll, without feeling the slightest strain.

                Only then did they realise that this man in front of them was not as simple as they had thought.

                Just then, a scream suddenly came from upstairs, "Lin Mo, what are you doing?"

                "You quickly put my friend down!"

                Xu Dongxue ran down with an angry face.

                Lin Mo frowned, but eventually threw the man to the side.

                Xu Dongxue hurriedly helped the man up, "Are you alright?"

                "Did the fall hurt you?"

                "Don't you worry, I will definitely give you a statement!"

                With these words, Xu Dongxue got up angrily, went up and waved her hand and slapped Lin Mo, shouting angrily, "Who are you to hit my friend?"

                Lin Mo casually blocked her slap, Xu Hanxia hurriedly came over and pushed Xu Dongxue away, angrily saying, "Why are you hitting people?"

                Xu Dongxue: "I hit someone? I even wanted to kill him!"

                "My friend came to our house, and this is how you treat your guests?"

                "Even if you don't treat people well, you still beat them up?"

                "Lin Mo, are you out of your mind?"

                "Don't you know that a guest is a guest at home?"

                "This is how you entertain guests?"

                Xu Hanxia said angrily, "Xue'er, let's talk clearly today."

                "What kind of guests are these?"

                "They've made a mess of our home, and just now they even insulted me with their words!"

                "They even tried to put their hands on me, Lin Mo couldn't stand it and stopped them, so what's wrong with that?"

                Xu Dongxue froze for a moment and then said angrily, "Humph, how could my friend do such a thing?"

                "Xu Hanxia, I know you are siding with Lin Mo and deliberately turning black and white upside down."

                "However, there are so many people here, everyone can testify."

                "I'll ask them who's right and who's wrong!"

                The crowd immediately shouted, "It was that Lin who did the beating!"

                "We didn't do anything and they came in and wanted to throw us out."

                "We said that you and Huang Liang had invited us here as guests, but they didn't give face, and they wanted to beat us up!"

                Xu Dongxue sneered, "Sister, what else do you have to say now?"

                "You think your words alone can turn black and white upside down?"

                "I'm telling you, it's useless. So many people are watching, they can all testify!"

                "Lin Mo, now what do you say!"

                Xu Hanxia was going crazy, Xu Dongxue was simply turning black and white upside down.

                These are all your friends, let them testify, then can they tell the truth?