Medical Genius Chapter 455

 Seeing the situation in the room, Xu Hanxia was furious and shouted, "What are you doing?"

                No one paid any attention to her, mainly because the music was so loud that it drowned out her voice.

                Lin Mo walked into the room and directly unplugged the speaker wires.

                This instantly restored silence to the room.

                The crowd that was having a good time also turned their heads in bewilderment, and one of the men said loudly, "What's wrong?"

                "Why is the music gone?"

                Xu Hanxia walked in at that moment and said angrily, "Who are you all?"

                "Who told you to come here?"

                When the group of people saw Xu Hanxia, their eyes lit up.

                A man stumbled over, "Oh, pretty girl. Come, have a drink!"

                With that, he reached out to take Xu Hanxia's waist.

                Xu Hanxia hurriedly stepped back, but at that moment, a man behind her also took advantage of the situation and reached out to touch her.

                At this moment, Lin Mo suddenly rushed over and kicked the man behind him to the ground.

                Immediately afterwards, he took an arrow step forward and hit the man in front of him hard with his right elbow.

                The man was knocked out and smashed the table behind him, struggling several times but failing to get up.

                The crowd at the scene sobered up a little at this point.

                A burly man immediately got up and said angrily, "What are you doing?"

                "Dare to hit my brother, are you looking for death?"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice, "I was going to ask what you guys were doing?"

                "Who told you to come to my house and have a party?"

                The burly man stared, "Your house?"

                "Look at me clearly, is this your home?"

                "This is my brother Huang Liang's house!"

                Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia looked at each other, now they were sure, it must be Huang Liang who had brought these people here.

                Xu Hanxia was annoyed, "Who told you that this was Huang Liang's house?"

                "This is my husband's house, what does it have to do with Huang Liang?"

                "Get out of my house immediately, you are not welcome in my house!"

                The crowd at the scene looked at each other in disbelief, and the burly man said angrily, "Bullshit, this is clearly my brother's house."

                "My brother's daughter-in-law, Xu Dongxue, that's the daughter of the owner of Xu Pharmaceuticals, who runs a chain of pharmacies."

                "My brother also manages a construction company, and his family is very rich."

                "This house, which they bought recently, is worth $50 million!"

                "Do you know what $50 million looks like? How dare you say the house is yours?"

                Xu Hanxia was getting mad, what kind of bullshit was Huang Liang bragging about out there?

                "My name is Xu Hanxia, Xu Dongxue is my sister!"

                "Xu's Pharmaceutical, the chairman is me!"

                "Chain of pharmacies, I opened it for my parents!"

                "The construction company, it's my husband's, Huang Liang is just in charge of management."

                Xu Hanxia exclaimed.

                The scene was silent, and the burly man suddenly laughed: "So you're Xu Hanxia, the one who keeps the little white boy, right?"

                "Oh, Huang Liang told me about you."

                "Tsk, you're quite pretty, no wonder Huang Liang keeps talking about you."

                "But this white boy you've found is not so good."

                "A wimp who only eats soft rice, how could you like this kind of goods?"

                The crowd burst into laughter and a man exclaimed, "Pretty girl, why don't you feed me?"

                "I'm much more capable than your husband!"

                "Look at my muscles, you'll love it!"

                The others followed suit, "Keep me, keep me, I'll make you feel better!"

                "There's no future with him, keep me, I'm from business administration, I can help you get your company listed."

                "What do you need business administration for? A strong woman should like a good-looking guy like me. What do you think of me, pretty girl?"

                "Step aside all of you, I'm the one for the job ......"

                The crowd yelled, completely ignoring Lin Mo next to them.

                No one noticed that Lin Mo's eyes, had become icy cold.