Medical Genius Chapter 454

 When He Qianxue finished speaking, she drove away in her Maserati.

                The male doctor froze in place, those few words from He Qianxue had left his entire body dumbfounded.

                He Qianxue had said outright that she liked Lin Mo, and that she didn't care if Lin Mo was married.

                Were all women nowadays so direct?

                Many people in the surroundings also heard He Qianyue's words, and the hearts of all of them were dripping blood.

                What kind of blessing had Lin Mo cultivated in his last life?

                First there was a beautiful chairman of the board, and then there was this rich girl, who was running towards him one after another.

                The crowd was jealous and sighed that this beauty was blind, why did he fall for Lin Mo?

                When Lin Mo arrived at Xu Pharmaceuticals on his electric bike, Xu Hanxia was waiting at the entrance.

                "Leave the electric car at the company, let's both drive and go out for some food tonight!"

                Xu Hanxia said with a smile.

                Lin Mo was surprised: "Go out to eat?"

                "What about at home?"

                "Mom and Dad will say I don't cook again ......"

                Xu Hanxia laughed, "It's okay, Mom and Dad are out, it will probably take two days before they come back."

                "Didn't mum and dad want to open a pharmacy last time, the two of them are going to go to the province to hire a few professionals to come back and help look after the shop."

                Lin Mo was also happy, these two were not at home, that would be great.

                Driving the Maserati that Tiger had given them, the two of them first had a dinner at the riverside and took a short walk along the river.

                When they passed by Wangjiang Garden, Lin Mo noticed that Xu Hanxia had glanced upwards.

                After all, this was the best house in Guangyang City, and anyone else would have longed for it.

                Lin Mo smiled, "Halfsia, why don't we go in and have a look?"

                Xu Hanxia immediately waved her hand, "Forget it, forget it."

                "The property of Wangjiang Garden is quite strict, people are not allowed to enter unless they are brought in by the owner."

                "This place, it's not for us to come here either."

                "I think, our Shengshi Mansion is not bad."

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, "It's fine, if you want to go in, I can take you in anytime."

                Xu Hanxia laughed and gave Lin Mo a pink punch, "I know you've made some money, so now you're all tugging at it?"

                "I'm telling you, that money has to be saved for our baby in the future, it can't be spent indiscriminately, understand?"

                Lin Mo's heart was sweet.

                Originally, Lin Mo did want to take Xu Hanxia to Wangjiang Garden for a visit, but thinking of his sister Lin Xi who was still in a coma, Lin Mo did not want to make Xu Hanxia blame herself, so he simply gave up.

                When the Wu Zhai black market opened this month, it would not be too late to go and buy a potion furnace and cure his sister before taking Xu Hanxia up there.

                The two of them walked for a while and drove home.

                Just as they reached the courtyard, the two of them froze.

                There were more than a dozen cars parked in the yard, stuffing it so full that they both couldn't drive their cars in.

                "Why are there so many cars here in this ...... place?"

                Xu Hanxia said in surprise.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, looked at the villa inside, his brows furrowed.

                The lights inside the villa flickered on and off, as if they were the flashing lights of a disco.

                Also, there was a constant burst of intense music coming from inside, as if it was a concert.

                Xu Hanxia also noticed the situation inside the house and her face changed: "Xue'er is home, what are they doing?"

                The two of them walked over and were just about to open the door when the door to the room was suddenly opened.

                A man who reeked of alcohol was about to pull down his trousers and pee on the outside.

                Xu Hanxia was startled and quickly backed away.

                Lin Mo's face changed and he grabbed the man and threw him into the flower bed next to him.

                The house was still noisy now, there were dozens of people in the living room and the music was noisy as hell.

                The scene was one big party and chaos.

                The house was filthy to the extreme, not to mention that, most crucially, these men and women, behaved even worse!