Medical Genius Chapter 452

 Zhao Li sat paralyzed, shivering, unable to utter a single word.

                The vicious nurse was also stunned, as someone in the medical industry, who didn't know He Lao.

                "We ...... we are not looking for trouble with He Lao ......"

                "It's mainly Lin Mo, and that bitch He Qianxue ......"

                The vicious nurse muttered in a low voice.

                The dean said angrily, "Miss He Qianxue, is Mr. He's daughter, He Lao's granddaughter!"

                With a single word, the vicious nurse also sat straight down on the ground.

                He himself had just verbally pointed at He Qianxue and scolded her, how could he end this now?

                After a long time, Zhao Li reluctantly held onto the table next to him and stood up, saying in a trembling voice, "Uncle He ...... He, I didn't know Qianxue was your daughter ......"

                "I ...... am here to say sorry to you and Qianxue for what I have just offended."

                "Qianxue, I'm really sorry, I ...... really like you too, that's why I did such a thing ......"

                "You give me a chance, spare me once, I won't dare to do it again ......"

                He Qianxue turned her head to the side, not bothering to look at him.

                She had met many suitors in her life, but it was the first time she had seen one like Wang Dong and Zhao Li.

                That Wang Dong thought highly of himself and was arrogant and conceited, thinking that He Qianyue was climbing up the ladder when she was with him.

                This Zhao Li, on the other hand, was simply despicable and shameless.

                In order to force He Qianyue to be with him, he even went so far as to expel an innocent patient from the hospital.

                Such a person, how could He Qianyue forgive him?

                He Zhengping glanced at him and said in a cold voice, "As a doctor, you should take it as your duty to save the dead and help the injured."

                "You like Qianxue and want to woo her, that's all right."

                "But, in order to pursue Qianxue, you went so far as to throw an innocent patient out of the ward."

                "And, watching the patient get injured, you did not treat him."

                "This, as a doctor, is something I cannot possibly forgive you for!"

                Zhao Li said in a trembling voice, "Uncle He, I really know I'm wrong, I won't dare to do it again ......"

                "You can spare me once, for the sake of my father, spare me once ......"

                He Zhengping waved his hand, "As the saying goes, if a son doesn't teach, his father is at fault!"

                "Your father didn't teach you well, he's at fault too."

                "Maybe it's because your father has gotten a bit high in his position these past few years, so people have drifted."

                "So, I decided that letting him start from scratch would also allow him to recognize himself."

                Zhao Li completely went limp, in Guangyang City, one word from He Zhengping was completely able to decide his dad's life and death.

                In other words, from now on, his family would lose everything they had, and his dad would lose his current position.

                And all of this was what he was most proud of.

                Because of these things he had done, his family had lost everything.

                He simply regretted it in his heart now, but there was no use in regretting it.

                In the past, when he had first arrived at the hospital, he had used such tactics to get a few girls into his hands.

                Now, finally, he was paying the price for what he had done.

                As for the vicious nurse, she was also sent to the police station.

                The hospital retrieved the surveillance and found that Uncle Chen was indeed pushed by her.

                So, there was no getting rid of her responsibility. Not only did she lose her job, but she would have to go in for a while.

                Moreover, the most crucial thing is that Zhao Li can no longer help her arrange a job, and she is completely unemployed.

                She would never be able to find a suitable job in Guangyang City.

                And all this was the price she had to pay for doing those things.

                No one sympathised with her, this vicious nurse, who used to work for Zhao Li as a lapdog, could have bullied many people in the hospital, and the people had long dared not speak out in anger.

                This time, she was driven away and the crowd cheered even more.

                Of course, the way they looked at Lin Mo was even more full of envy.

                Why did He Qianxue, a standard white rich beauty, come to Lin Mo's department?