Medical Genius Chapter 450

 Zhao Li's face changed and he said indignantly, "Dean, what do you mean?"

                "Are you trying to protect him?"

                "He beat me up in front of so many people, this matter, if I don't settle the score with him, will I still have the face to come out and meet people in the future?"

                "I'm telling you, even if the King of Heaven were here today, I wouldn't be able to bail him out!"

                The vicious nurse followed close by, "And that bitch He Qianxue!"

                "She's Lin Mo's accomplice!"

                The dean's face turned embarrassed, and as he spoke just now, he quietly winked at Zhao Li, trying to get him to take the others away.

                Unexpectedly, Zhao Li simply ignored his look and even yelled.

                Without waiting for the dean to say anything, He Zhengping frowned: "What? Does this matter also have something to do with my Qianxue?"

                He Qianxue immediately said, "That's right!"

                She immediately recounted what had just happened.

                After the people around heard this, they all burst out in ridicule.

                You, Zhao Li, wanted to pursue He Qianyue, that was right.

                However, after He Qianyue rejected you, you went so far as to use such despicable means to threaten He Qianyue.

                The dean was speechless for a while, this Zhao Li had gone too far, and he couldn't help him anymore.

                Zhao Li, on the other hand, held his head high and said in a cold voice, "He Qianxue, you make your words clear."

                "The hospital has hospital rules, and that bed, I did arrange for a patient."

                "People have appointments, now that that patient is here, the bed that they have booked, shouldn't they be allowed to stay?"

                "Everything is about first come, first served, since people have booked in advance, it's their bed, what's wrong with that?"

                He Zhengping nodded slowly, "That's right, everything is about first come, first served."

                "If you want to say that this bed was booked, then we have nothing to say."

                "But, the patient was being given water and you wanted to remove her needles, is that in order?"

                "Also, Chen Yu's father, at the time, hit his head."

                "You, as medical staff, didn't even step in to treat his injury, so how about that being out of order?"

                Zhao Li was unable to refute the statement and said angrily, "Who are you?"

                "What's it to you?"

                "Who told you about rules and regulations?"

                "I'm here to find Lin Mo, none of your business, get the hell out of my way!"

                "Or else, believe it or not, I'll beat you up together!"

                The dean's face changed greatly, this Zhao Li was really looking for death, he even dared to scold He Zhengping?

                Without waiting for He Zhengping to say anything, the dean immediately said, "Zhao Li, how dare you bring someone to the hospital to cause trouble?"

                "Do you really think the hospital has no rules?"

                "Go, throw all these people out!"

                The men from the security department went up aggressively and pushed away all those people Zhao Li had brought with him.

                Zhao Li was furious, "Dean, are you definitely helping that Lin?"

                "I gave you face and didn't tell my parents about this."

                "If they knew that I was beaten up in the hospital and you were still protecting the man who beat me up, guess what they would do?"

                The dean was speechless in his heart, I was saving your life, why do you make it sound like I have a grudge against you?

                "I'm telling you, this is no place for you to be wild!"

                "The one inside, is Miss He's father ......"

                Before the dean could finish speaking, the vicious nurse immediately said, "Yo, this is that bitch's father, huh?"

                "One look at him and he's no good, it's true that the top beam is not right and the bottom beam is not right!"

                The dean was getting mad and said angrily, "What are you talking about?"

                "Do you know who he is?"

                "How dare you ...... you insult Mr. He?"

                "Why don't you quickly apologize to Mr. He!"

                The fierce nurse said angrily, "I apologize to him?"

                "On what grounds?"

                "His daughter made a scene at our place and insulted my reputation, they should be the ones to apologize to me!"