Medical Genius Chapter 448

 He Lao sneered, "Humph, it's already this time, and you still want to scare me?"

                "What kind of dignified family are you, the Wang family?"

                "Do you really think that just because you are the general manager of a small company and your husband has some power in his hands, you can be lawless?"

                "I tell you, these, in my eyes, are bullshit!"

                The noblewoman was furious, "Elder He, do you really want to make a big deal out of it?"

                "Fine, if you insist on going your own way, then I, the Wang family, will accompany you, and at most the fish will die!"

                Elder He laughed, "A fish to death? You're too confident!"

                "To deal with a small family like yours, what need is there for a fish death net?"

                At this moment, He Zhengping also walked over and said in a cold voice, "Dad, the acquisition of the Ling Yu Group has been completed!"

                The noblewoman's face suddenly changed, Ling Yu Group, that was the company she worked for.

                The crowd around them erupted.

                The He family was really rich and powerful, in order to give their granddaughter an outlet, they had directly acquired a company, who dared to disobey?

                The noblewoman gritted her teeth and said angrily, "You bought my company, what, you want to fire me?"

                "It's alright, even if I don't work for Ling Yu Group, I'll still have plenty of people to hire me if I go somewhere else!"

                "Trying to scare me with this method, it's useless!"

                "If you have the guts, you can buy up all the companies in the world! "

                He Lao smiled faintly, "Don't worry, I won't fire you."

                "Zhengping, since the Lingyu Group belongs to us now, send someone to check the accounts."

                "Remember, every single penny, you have to check it out for me!"

                "If anyone is enriching themselves, embezzling the company's public money, or taking kickbacks or anything like that, call the police immediately."

                The noblewoman's face changed sharply as she finally panicked.

                Being the general manager of Ling Yu Group, she had done a lot of things that were unseemly in the past few years.

                She had swallowed a lot of the company's funds as well.

                Previously, the boss didn't care much about this and was afraid of her husband's power, so he didn't pursue the matter.

                However, if she was really pursued, she would have to go to jail!

                The noblewoman said anxiously, "Surnamed He, when this company comes to you, there is no point for me to continue working!"

                "I want to quit now!"

                "I'm quitting!"

                He Zhengping sneered, "Even if you want to resign, according to the procedure, it will take half a month before you can leave."

                "Half a month is enough time to check the company's accounts."

                "Also, even if you leave, you won't be able to get rid of what you did before."

                The noblewoman was completely panicked, and she said in a trembling voice, "You ...... are not going too far ......"

                "My husband ...... my husband ......"

                He Zhengping laughed lightly, "Oh, yes, I forgot to remind you."

                "Your husband's hands aren't clean underneath, some evidence, we've submitted it all up."

                "According to the situation, he will be in jail for a longer time than you, I guess."

                The noblewoman was directly confused, her husband was her biggest reliance.

                Now her husband was going to jail too, then she was really finished!

                The fat man even sat down directly on the ground, he never dreamed that things would come to this point.

                He glared fiercely at the noblewoman and said angrily, "You ...... did this to yourself!"

                The noblewoman shivered, "Honey, now ...... what now ......"

                Ignoring her, the fat man struggled to his feet and said in a trembling voice, "Elder He, Mr. He, this ...... matter, has nothing to do with me ......"

                "I don't even know what happened, it was that bitch who tricked me, I ...... really didn't mean it ......"

                "You guys are magnanimous, spare me once, give me a chance ......"

                No one paid any attention to him, He Zhengping glanced at Wang Dong again, "By the way, there's you."

                "We just found out that your education is all fake."

                "It's not a small crime to join a job with a fake degree."

                "I see, your family of three, I guess you can be reunited in prison!"