Medical Genius Chapter 447

 The crowd around them were all somewhat uplifted and were all talking quietly.

                "Even Elder He is here, does this He Qianxue's identity still need to be said?"

                "It's really Elder He's granddaughter, gosh, this ...... is a standard white rich beauty!"

                "You come less, which white rich beauty, can be compared to Miss He. Whether it's her family background or her own conditions, Miss He is first class!"

                "Such a rich young lady still needs to marry into a rich family? She's a rich family herself!"

                "I pooh, Wang Dong, that bastard, just now he said that he gave Miss He a chance and she didn't take it? Now look, Wang Dong is not worthy of Miss He!"

                "Don't be ridiculous, can Wang Dong be compared to Miss He? The Wang family's assets are not even pocket money in front of the He family!"

                "Wang Dong's mother is really shameless, she just said that Miss He cheated her son. Now, it seems that her son has failed to woo Miss He and is deliberately trying to cause trouble!"

                "Let's see how they end up this time!"

                Listening to these comments, the noblewoman's face was even swollen red with embarrassment.

                She had never suffered a loss before, but she was the one who always flaunted her authority in front of others.

                Who would have thought that this time, she would have kicked the iron plate.

                The most crucial thing was that there was no way to end the matter at this stage!

                After pondering for a moment, she suddenly looked at Lin Mo and had an idea in her mind.

                "Elder He, you have misunderstood."

                "Actually, this matter, we can't be blamed, it's entirely because this Lin is deliberately looking for trouble."

                "Miss He is naturally beautiful, so pretty and generous in her speech, she is a lady of the house at first glance."

                "My son admired her and wanted to meet her, so it's not wrong."

                "But this man, Lin, deliberately obstructed him and beat up my son."

                "I was so angry that I came to get a statement from him, we ...... didn't mean to target Miss He, we actually treat her with quite a bit of respect!"

                The noblewoman said in a hurry.

                He Qianxue was dumbfounded, she could never have imagined that this noblewoman could turn black and white upside down like this and put the blame all on Lin Mo.

                "You ...... you lie!" He Qianxue said angrily.

                The noblewoman hurriedly said, "Miss He, I'm really sorry for having offended you just now."

                "But this matter is really entirely due to this wimp."

                "Elder He, you are an understanding person, our company has a lot of business dealings with He Zhengtang."

                "Moreover, my husband is in charge of these areas, we are all so familiar with each other, how could I possibly target Miss He?"

                "This is entirely that soft-earned wimp deliberately messing up from this, Elder He, what do you think?"

                It had to be said that this noblewoman was also a smart person.

                In a few words, she first said that her side was in contact with the He family, so that the He family would pay attention to this cooperation.

                At the same time, she pushed Lin Mo out, verbally saying that Lin Mo was a wimp.

                It was clear that they were hinting to Elder He that this time, let the He family look for Lin Mo's trouble. After that, they would give the He family some favours!

                Typical businessman's way of doing things.

                It was a pity that she had found the wrong person this time.

                He Lao's expression turned cold: "On the way here just now, I was thinking that there might be some kind of misunderstanding here!"

                "But after hearing these words from you, I think that there is no misunderstanding at all!"

                "I've really never seen someone as brazen as you!"

                "Do you really think you can just put your hands on the sky and call black white?"

                "I'm telling you, with me, it won't work!"

                "You can't get away with this!"

                The noblewoman's face also became embarrassed as she whispered, "Elder He, our Wang family is also considered to have a head and a face."

                "Is it worth it to make a big deal out of this trivial matter?"

                "Your He family is indeed very powerful, but if you really make a big deal out of it, the He family will inevitably suffer losses too!"