Medical Genius Chapter 446

 Just as the crowd was talking, the dean hurriedly walked over to He Zhengping and said in a respectful voice, "Mr. He, I'm really sorry."

                "When Miss He came, she repeatedly explained that I should not reveal her identity, which is why so much trouble has been caused."

                "This incident happened in my hospital, and I have an unshirkable responsibility."

                "Don't worry, I will give you a satisfactory answer!"

                At this point, the crowd was a little confused.

                The dean looked like he knew the situation, and, listening to the tone of his words, He Qianxue, it seemed like she was really He Zhengping's daughter?

                He Zhengping waved his hand and said softly, "You don't need to blame yourself."

                "This matter, you can't solve it either."

                "It's better for me to solve my daughter's matter myself!"

                With those words, He Zhengping walked straight up to the fat man.

                "Just now, who beat my daughter?"

                The fatty trembled in fear and hurriedly said, "Mr. He, it was all a misunderstanding, actually ......"

                The noblewoman was however annoyed: "What are you afraid of him for?"

                "Just a mistress, what's the big deal!"

                "Mr. He, you are also a dignified person."

                "What's the big deal for a bitch who can't be seen on stage? ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, He Zhengping threw a slap directly at her face.

                The noblewoman froze, she never dreamed that He Zhengping would hit someone.

                "You ...... dare you hit me?"

                The noblewoman screamed.

                Wang Dong even grabbed the chair next to her and pointed at He Zhengping, shouting angrily, "You dare to hit my mother, I'll fight you!"

                Before he could make a move, the dean directly commanded some people to pin Wang Dong to the ground.

                The noblewoman hastily and sharply yelled, "What are you doing!"

                "Let go of my son!"

                No one paid any attention to her.

                He Zhengping said in a cold voice: "Listen carefully, if you say one more dirty word to my daughter, I will knock out all your teeth!"

                The fat man panicked and said in a trembling voice, "Mr. He, is this ...... really your daughter?"

                He Zhengping said in a cold voice, "What do you think?"

                The fatty's face instantly turned miserable white.

                If this was really He Zhengping's daughter, then they had really stirred up a hornet's nest this time.

                At this moment, an old voice suddenly came from the side, "I have three sons at my knees, and no daughter."

                "In the entire He family, for three generations combined, there is only this one girl!"

                "Although Qianxue was not born with a golden spoon in her mouth, she is still loved by all in the He family!"

                "I just want to ask, what mistake has this granddaughter of mine made that you have to slap her in public like this?"

                The crowd turned their heads, only to see Elder He walking slowly over.

                The scene was once again noisy.

                Elder He himself had come over, so what else was there to say about the identity of this He Qianxue?

                She was not a mistress at all, she was He Zhengping's daughter!

                Moreover, the most crucial thing was that what Elder He had just said was very clear.

                There was only this one girl in the He family for three generations.

                The extent to which He Qianxue was favoured in the family, did it even need to be said?

                Although the He family was not as good as the top ten families, it was still an extremely powerful family in Guangyang City.

                With He Qianxue's status in the He family, even if she married the heir of one of the Ten Families, it would be more than enough.

                As for Wang Dong's little family background, what did it count for in front of He Qianxue?

                The fatty's legs went weak and he grabbed the table next to him before he could barely stand.

                "Elder He, this ...... is all a misunderstanding ......."

                The fat man trembled and said.

                He Lao's expression was indifferent: "Misunderstanding?"

                "Who just said that my granddaughter wanted to marry into a rich family and deliberately pretended to be innocent to deceive his son?"

                The fat man was sweating profusely and glared angrily at the noblewoman next to him.

                The noblewoman was also trembling with fear, how could she have imagined that He Qianxue had such an identity background.

                In that case, the lies she had just told would not be broken!

                He Qianxue's status was such that she still needed to lie to her son?

                It was obvious that their family was not good enough for He Qianxue!