Medical Genius Chapter 445

 As soon as this middle-aged man appeared, various exclaims immediately came from all around.

                "Isn't this ...... He Zhengping, Elder He's son?"

                "Which He Zhengping?"

                "Holy shit, you don't even know He Zhengping? He Zhengping, one of the top ten outstanding young people in Guang Province, the most promising doctor of the young generation in Guang Province, one of the most influential figures of the young generation in Guang Province's medical sector, the one in charge of He Zheng Tang!"

                "Oh my, it's actually him? This ...... is a figure who can make the medical industry in Guangyang City tremble three times just by stamping his foot!"

                "The most crucial thing is that his father, He Lao, has been practicing medicine for tens of years, and has been a guest of many big names, with contacts all over the world, with extremely wide connections, a big person that even the top ten families in Guangyang City have to pay attention to!"

                "Such a big shot, why is he here at our hospital?"

                The chatter of the crowd caused those who did not know He Zhengping to know about him.

                The looks they gave He Zhengping were all full of respect as well.

                Wang Dong's parents were considered big shots, but, compared to He Zhengping, they were no better than ants!

                When the crowd saw He Zhengping's intimate actions towards He Qianxue, they were all a little confused for a while.

                "What's this ...... situation?"

                "What's the relationship between these two?"

                The crowd exclaimed in a low voice.

                The noblewoman, on the other hand, was wide-eyed and said sharply, "Husband, this ...... bitch, she can't be his concubine, right?"

                The fat man's face changed sharply, "Shut up!"

                "No nonsense!"

                The noblewoman looked defiant: "Why don't you let me speak?"

                "Look at how different these two are in age, and they are still so intimate, what is this if not a concubine?"

                "Since they can do it, then don't be afraid of what others say!"

                The fat man was so angry that his face turned blue and he wanted to slap this noblewoman.

                Just as the crowd was surprised, He Qianxue suddenly jumped into He Zhengping's arms all of a sudden and whimpered, "Dad, if you ...... don't come, I'll let them kill me!"

                A sentence that stunned everyone?

                "What ...... what the hell?"

                "What did she shout ...... shout?"

                "Did I hear it right? He Zhengping, is her father?"

                "Huh, both of their surnames are He, this ...... this can't really be her father, can it?"

                The fatty's face changed and his hands and feet trembled.

                This He Qianxue, was actually He Zhengping's daughter?

                My God, what kind of character had they offended this time!

                At this moment, the noblewoman, however, said gloomily from the side, "Hmph, is it really true?"

                "It's not a godfather, is it?"

                "In this society nowadays, anyone with a little bit of beauty is running out to be a mistress."

                "No wonder she's so arrogant and domineering, so she's adopted a capable godfather!"

                "Tsk, this woman, being pretty, is really an advantage."

                "As long as you are willing to lie, there are plenty of men to back you up!"

                Hearing this, the crowd around them suddenly whispered.

                "Is this a godfather you've admitted?"

                "Don't say it yet, it's really possible. How could He Zhengping's daughter come to our hospital for an internship?"

                "Yes, if she were He Zhengping's daughter, the director of any hospital would have to come and greet her personally. Is it possible for her to be a trainee nurse in our hospital?"

                "It seems that this is really a godfather."

                "She's so pretty, it's normal for her to have a godfather."

                "These women nowadays, they really don't love themselves!"

                The crowd's comments made the noblewoman even more proud: "Do you hear that?"

                "Everyone despises her!"

                "She's just a mistress, what are you afraid of her for?"

                "I don't believe it, a big shot like He Zhengping would come after our family for the sake of a mistress, without any regard for face?"

                The fatty also breathed a sigh of relief, and his original panic was gone, instead a cold smile appeared on his face.

                He Zhengping had found a mistress? This was big news!